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North Korea-Russia meeting over & here are the topics of discussion

President Putin & Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un's trip to Russia took place on Wednesday. The North Korean dictator toured Russia in his private train with a group of military officials to continue his discussions with the Russian President, despite warnings from the US to prohibit the trade of weapons. The highly anticipated meet took place in the far east town of Russia, at Vostochny Сosmodrome in Amur region, Russia. Kim Jong rarely made any trips to foreign lands since the pandemic ended, but recently he was seen on the red carpet meeting the Natural Resources Minister of Russia, Alexander Kozlov. 


The conference commenced with a visit to a Soyuz-2 space rocket takeoff facility. Russia could aid North Korea to build satellites for space. Putin after explaining his statement said, “That is why we reached here. The head of North Korea exhibits significant interest in rocket technology. They are attempting to develop their space mission.”


Kim informed Putin that Russia and the West were engaged in a holy war and that they were both battling against “imperialism” together. Through a translator, Kim informed Putin that “Russia has advanced to a sacred battle to defend its independence and protection... against the brutal forces.”


Putin and Kim Jong's meeting, according to Kim Jong, was the “first step” towards improving ties between the two countries. Kim Jong Un, the leader of the isolated nation, was hosted by Putin, who celebrated the “strengthening of future cooperation” with North Korea.


Kim expressed his confidence that “evil” would be defeated by the Russian army and people. Kim stated, “I am utterly persuaded that the valiant Russian army and people would magnificently inherit the tradition of victory and confidently exhibit priceless honor and dignity on the fronts of the special military operation.”


Although he stressed that Russia would uphold its duties to the international community, Putin stated there was potential for bilateral military-technical cooperation.


As North Korean leader Kim Jong Un paid a rare foreign visit to Russia, where President Vladimir Putin offered his assistance, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged other nations to abide by UN sanctions against that nation.


Kim Jong Un's offer for Putin to visit North Korea was accepted. The Russian president underlined his commitment to continuously uphold the history and tradition of the friendship between Russia and the DPRK.

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