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Things to Look for While Buying Best Health Insurance in India

Things to Look for While Buying Best Health Insurance in India

"The Greatest Wealth is Health" – Virgil

Life savings can save you from medical emergencies' financial repercussions. But your life savings deserve to be put to better use, such as your children's education or your life after retirement.


You need to know how to pick an ideal health care plan in India to meet your requirements. Not only to protect your life savings but to ensure the most appropriate medical care possible without worrying about funds.


Thus, careful selection is necessary when buying a health insurance plan. So, look for the following before you select a health insurance plan:

  1. Policy Benefits

The health insurance plan in India provide benefits that vary according to the health insurance company or policy type. Thus, do not let insurance premium be the only factor to consider; policy benefits are equally important. For instance, some policies offer you free health checkups and ambulance charges.

The policy benefits can help you save a lot of money.. Thus, if you are looking for a health insurance plan in India, ensure that you check the policy benefits.

  1. Inclusions and Exclusions

Health insurance policies do not provide cover against all illnesses and accidents. For instance, most health insurance policies in India do not cover congenital diseases and dental and cosmetic surgeries.

At the same time, not all health insurance policies cover ambulance charges and lab tests. Therefore, ensure you know about all the inclusions and exclusions when looking for the best health insurance plans in India.

  1. Sub-Limit and Co-Payment Clause

The health insurance plans in India have sub-limit and co-payment clauses. The co-payment clause regulates the amount insurance companies, and the policyholder has to pay. For instance, in health insurance plans in India, 80-90% is paid by the insurer, while the policyholder pays the rest.

A sub-limit clause restricts the amount that can be claimed on a medical procedure or surgery. For instance, if a patient is supposed to have appendix surgery, they can only claim 40% of the coverage for the surgery. The percentage is defined in the policy.

Therefore, when looking for health insurance plans in India, make sure you are enlightened about the co-payment and sub-limits.

  1. Cashless Hospitalization

Standard health insurance plans in India reimburse the policyholder's medical bills. However, if a health insurance provider has a Cashless Hospitalization policy, they need not pay the hospital bills. The hospital would raise the bill with the insurance company, and the insurance company would settle those bills.

Even though cashless hospitalization is available in most health insurance policies, one has to check if the hospital of their choice is covered in an insurer's network of hospitals. Cashless hospitalization works when health insurance companies have a tie-up with the hospitals. So, ensure that the hospital is in your insurer's network.

  1. Terms and Conditions

Full disclosure of the information is a term in India's ealth insurance plans. One can be denied claim settlement if the policyholder finds that relevant information was hidden while buying a health insurance plan.

Likewise, there are numerous terms and conditions in a health insurance plan. Make sure you know all these terms and conditions when looking for health insurance plans in India.

  1. Claim Settlement Ratio

It is an important consideration when looking for the health insurance in India. One must go for a health insurance company with a higher claim settlement ratio. Care Insurance, for instance, has a 95.2% claim settlement ratio. To be precise, a Claim Settlement Ratio as high as this would make claim settlement highly probable unless the policyholder doesn't abide by the terms and conditions of the health insurance policy.


Health insurance is a go-to instrument to protect you and your family from the financial catastrophes of healthcare. Hence, knowing all about health insurance, do's and don't, is essential.

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