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Meet India’s Top 10  Food Bloggers in 2023

Picture yourself in a busy Indian street market, where the aroma of cooking kebabs and aromatic curries fills the air.…

Meet India’s Top 10  Food Bloggers in 2023

Picture yourself in a busy Indian street market, where the aroma of cooking kebabs and aromatic curries fills the air. Imagine that same sensory overload now, but reduced to the size of a smartphone screen. That’s the allure of Indian food blogging: a lively, dynamic community where enthusiastic home cooks and food explorers can easily share their love of everything delectable with just a click. 

Move past Michelin stars and discuss masala magic instead; the most popular influencers in the Indian food space aren’t white-hat chefs but rather tech-savvy culinary trailblazers who carry smartphones and spatulas. These food bloggers create a delectable digital tapestry one plate (and pixel) at a time. Get ready to enjoy the tales, trade secrets, and spicy exploits of India’s top 10 food bloggers for 2023—forget boring bytes.

Top 10 food bloggers in 2023

1. Dassana: Dubbed the “Samosa Queen,” Dassana creates modern-day comfort food magic. Her Instagram reels make you want to drool—from picture-perfect paneer butter masala to melt-in-your-mouth momos.

2. Archana Doshi: Hungry for delicious vegetarian food? You only need to look at Archana’s “Spice Chronicles.” Her blog is a veritable gold mine of classic recipes handed down through the ages, all brimming with flavor and affection from the family.

3. Mallika Basu: This restaurant promotes real Indian food; forget fusion. “Indian Kitchen,” her website, is a culinary bible with step-by-step instructions and heartfelt stories that make even the most complex recipes seem doable.

4. Monica: Monica’s Instagram is your kryptonite odometer if street food is your weakness. She takes you on a virtual culinary tour of India, one mouthwatering bite at a time, stopping at everything from crispy dosa in Chennai to smoky kebabs in Delhi.

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5. Rajeswari Vijayanand: Rajeswari honors the beauty of comfort food prepared at home, so forget about fancy plates. “Cooking From Heart,” her blog, is akin to a warm hug on a plate, with relatable kitchen tales and simple-to-follow recipes.

6. Aarthi Satheesh: Vegetarian? Be at ease! It is evident from Aarthi’s colorful Instagram feed that cooking with plants can be both tasty and enjoyable. Her dishes, which range from inventive jackfruit burgers to creamy cashew curries, will make you reevaluate what vegan cuisine means.

7. Vegan Richa: When it comes to the goodness of plants, Vegan Richa is a trailblazer in the Indian vegan community. Her blog is a treasure trove of tasty, nutritious recipes that suit all dietary needs and palates.

8. Shivesh Bhatia: Eating is an adventure rather than just fuel! Shivesh, also known as “Shivesh17,” takes you on a visual tour of flavors and textures as he shares his culinary adventures through breathtaking photos and clever captions.

9. Uma Raghuraman: Uma’s “Mastering Home Bakery” transforms culinary fantasies into a dessert lover’s paradise. Her recipes, which range from towering cakes to melt-in-your-mouth cookies, are as elegant as they are delicious.

10. Ankiet: A hilarious YouTube channel featuring food and fun, Ankiet never fails to make you laugh out loud. He enthusiastically approaches challenging recipes, demonstrating that cooking can be untidy, hilarious, and ultimately very satisfying.

These ten individuals represent just a tiny portion of the numerous skilled food bloggers in India, each establishing a distinct niche in online dining. Take a click at a time and explore the delicious world of Indian food blogging. Recall that the hottest stars are right here on your screen—not in the sky—in the land of spices.

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