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Top 10 Horror Anime of the Year to Get Spooked

Monsters are created to be terrifying. Imagine yourself sitting and thrilled at home while watching exciting horror movies. A thrilling…

Top 10 Horror Anime of the Year to Get Spooked

Monsters are created to be terrifying. Imagine yourself sitting and thrilled at home while watching exciting horror movies. A thrilling feeling with horror cinematography is impressive to watch. Spending time with horror scenes envisages the same things at your home, such as dogs crying, footsteps, the cold wind, etc., and brings beautiful experiences.

Anime appears to have a shapeshifting approach to horror, partly because of the animated form’s malleability; many of its most well-known pieces have taken elements from other genres and mixed and matched them at will. 

For that purpose, here is the list of the year’s top 10 horror anime films, which will undoubtedly make you shiver or shudder. Get ready for an intense cinematic journey. This list includes titles from movies, TV shows, and OVAs (original video animation or direct-to-video).

Top 10 Horror Anime of the Year 

1. Junji Ito Maniac

Junji Ito is a horror maestro. There is no mangaka or Storyteller like Ito when crafting dialogue, developing stories, and turning your stomach with graphic artwork. The best anime on Netflix is Junji Ito: Maniac, a Japanese Tales of the Macabre. It’s simultaneously funny, terrifying, strange, beautiful, and unsettling. 

It encapsulates passion for horror and why Ito’s storytelling is so well-known across the globe. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Junji Ito or are just now learning about his work, this is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys horror short stories. The series, which adapts 20 of Ito’s short stories, succeeds in bringing to life both classic tales like “Tomei” and “Kubitsuri Kikuyu” (The Hanging Balloons) and more intimate ones like “The Bully.” 

2. Dark Gathering

A freshman in college named Keitarō Gentōga despises ghosts. Unfortunately for him, he has a gift for drawing in spirits. This connection had resulted in a spiritual injury to his right hand two years prior, with his friend caught in the crossfire. 

Yayoi Hōzuki, Eiko’s cousin, is Keitarō’s first student after he accepts a part-time tutoring job as part of his rehabilitation. Yayoi is not only a child prodigy but also unique in that, like Keitarō, she has a spiritual constitution. She longs to speak with ghosts, though, in the hopes of tracking down the spirit that abducted her mother.

3. Aku no Hana- Flowers of Evil

Along with mangas like Oyasumi Punpun, Aku no Hana is one of those seinen titles that get rave reviews from readers online. The psychological method of delving into the depths of human depravity, issues related to puberty and maturation, etc., are themes that are covered in the majority of other seinen manga in this genre. 

Takao Kasuga’s interactions with other characters, how these relationships shaped him, and how these relationships allowed him to explore his feelings and his true nature—I believe the word is identity—are the central themes of Aku no Hana. It provides them with empathy and understanding for others because most readers will never experience the same tragedies or trauma as in these stories.

4. Hell’s Paradise

Jigokuraku is a story in Edo-era Japan and centers on Gabimaru the Hollow, a ruthless shinobi from the notorious Iwagakure Village. He is engaged to the clan leader’s daughter to secure his allegiance. Because of Yui’s kindness and thoughtfulness, Gabimaru is significantly altered by her. 

The Shogunate schedules his execution after he requests to leave the village and live a quiet life with Yui. He is accused of betrayal. He desperately wants to see his wife again, which explains his strange incapacity to pass away during his execution. 

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5. Heavenly Delusion

When Tokio gets a message one day asking, do you want to go outside of the outside? He is living with other kids inside a world encircled by a gorgeous wall. In the interim, an elderly woman and a young boy named Maru are on the road, trying to survive on what remains of a destroyed world while seeking “paradise.” 

Fifteen years have passed since an unprecedented disaster in the outside world destroyed modern civilization. While the school’s director assures the distraught Tokio that the outside world is Hell, Mimihime, another girl who resides in the same facility, makes a prediction and tells her that two people—one of whom has her exact face—will come from the outside to save her.   

6. Resident Evil: Death Island

The Resident Evil video games and their parallel universe are the setting of the 2023 Japanese adult computer-animated action biopunk horror film Resident Evil: Death Island[b]. After Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017) and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (2021) miniseries, this is the fifth entry and fourth movie in the animated Resident Evil series. 

Meeting with Rebecca and Chris’s sister, Claire Redfield, to discuss their findings, Chris and Jill learn that Claire found an orca swimming near the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary that was infected with the same strain of T-virus as the victims in Chris’s case—a discovery that had also recently resulted in several missing whales reporting similar symptoms.

 Jill and the Redfields travel to Alcatraz Island under the pretense of tourists after learning that all of the human victims had visited the island before their deaths. However, they become separated during a zombie uprising.

7. Feast of Amrita

 The film is a prequel spinoff of Aragne: Sign of Vermilion, the previous movie by Sakamoto. The tale’s protagonist is Tamahi, a high school student who stumbles upon odd creatures while navigating a massive apartment complex. 

When Tamaki and a few of her classmates head home from high school, they see someone fall off the rooftop of a nearby apartment building. When they get there, the building is empty. They feel as though they are being watched, which is unsettling.

8. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

In July 2023, Bug Films’ adaptation of an anime television series debuted. Viz Media handles licensing outside of Asia and Muse Communication licenses in South and Southeast Asia. In August 2023, a live-action movie adaptation made its Netflix debut. Akira Tendo, a 24-year-old ZLM employee, is stuck in a routine and purposeless life. 

However, everything changes when an unexpected zombie apocalypse brought on by experimental bioweaponry strikes Tokyo. Rather than giving in to fear, Akira uses this as a chance to live life to the fullest and not just return to his bland life. He writes it down to demonstrate that he is still alive and well and to experience everything on his bucket list before passing away.

9. Yami Shibai Season 11

After portraying the Storyteller in earlier seasons, actor Kanji Tsuda is back for the eleventh season. Meanwhile, “Masquerade Parade” by the rock group Qujila Yoluno Mach is the primary closing theme song. At ILCA, Akira Funada is directing the anime series again with Yell’s help. 

The primary screenwriters are Hiromu Kumamoto and Mitsuhi Sasagi, with the addition of writers Chouji Yoshikawa and Norio Yamakawa. The animation team comprises Shouma Mutou, Momoka Higurashi, Yuu Ebihara, Hiroshi Nishiyama & Rie, and Jimmy.


Uzumaki centers on Kirie Goshima, a high school student; her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito, and the people who live in Kurouzu-cho, Black Vortex Town, a sleepy, small Japanese town cursed by paranormal spiral-related occurrences. As the narrative goes on, Kirie and Shuichi see firsthand how the spiral curse alters those in their immediate vicinity, turning people into spiral enthusiasts or paranoid freaks. 

After both of his parents perish due to the terrible psychological and physical effects of the spirals, Shuichi withdraws into himself. He also develops the ability to recognize when the spiral curse occurs, though this ability is frequently disregarded until the curse’s following supernatural consequences become evident.

The hand-drawn graphics in the horror anime series make depicting strange, terrifying, and supernatural creatures easy. Looking through our list, you’ll notice that most incredible horror anime series have eerie and spooky alien creatures.

Furthermore, a scary anime’s highly graphic content enhances its ability to frighten viewers. A recurring theme in most scary anime series is violence, bloodshed, and cannibalism, which is an ideal way to depict spine-tingling horror scenes.