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ACSG Corp to develop real-time analytics solutions for MoT to ensure effective budget allocation

ACSG Corp to develop real-time analytics solutions for MoT to ensure effective budget allocation

National Productivity Council (NPC), an autonomous organization that operates under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, has hired ACSG Corp for development, deployment, installation, testing and maintenance of integrated dashboard application platform for complication analysis and reporting of tourism statistics at district, state and national level.

ACSG Corp is a critical infrastructure analytics company with a multi-disciplinary focus on building analytics software for various industries. The company was shortlisted by NPC after an evaluation of various responses/proposals received by the organization. 

Earlier, NPC invited proposal from vendors to select a preferred bidder, who is capable of performing a series of tasks to develop real-time analytics solutions for MoT, ensuring effective budget allocation, other than providing technical resources to enable NPC to use the developed integrated dashboard application platform. The request was published on 24th June, 2020 at 15:00 hrs at the NPC website and e-procurement portal of government of India.

In order to ensure execution of entire software development life cycle, ACSG Corp will be tasked with the development and deployment of mobile app (Android & IOS) and desktop app for facilitation of data entry at district level. The firm will also ensure development and deployment of access management system for verification & approval of data, other than the placement of data base on NIC server and its management. It will also be setting up admin-user and end-user accounts. 

When it comes to the IT technical manpower resource support, ACSG will ensure deployment of the same for one year at NPC to facilitate the usage of this platform. It will also provide all patches and upgrades as and when required within three years from the date of deployment of integrated dashboard. Other than this, the company will provide three years maintenance support on the developed integrated dashboard application platform from the date of finalization.

As per the agreement, ACSG Corp will also be preparing a detailed technical manual for using the integrated dashboard, while addressing the day-to-day technical queries regarding IT system raised by the state/UTs and NPC. Likewise, the company will take care of many other technical services and provide detailed analysis of tourism statistics to meet the proposed requirements in a comprehensive way. 

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