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PM Modi bid adieu to the old building

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday began the special session of Parliament in the Lok Sabha by addressing the important…

PM Modi bid adieu to the old building

Modi Ji in Old Parliament building

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday began the special session of Parliament in the Lok Sabha by addressing the important historical events that took place in the old Parliament House over the last 75 years. The proceedings of the Parliament will move to the new Central Vista building Today (September 19), and the debate on the 75-year journey of the old Parliament will probably be the last in the old place.  This speech is the bid adieu to the old building of Parliament before the members of both houses move to the new building.  


In his speech, Modi said leaving the old building was an “emotional moment” and the building would continue to inspire generations. He mentioned how India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, gave his famous impromptu midnight speech in parliament, celebrating India’s independence from British colonial rule. In his speech, Modi returned to the beginning of Parliament House, the chambers of the Imperial Legislative Council of the British colonial government. He said: “It is true that foreign rulers decided to build this building, but we can never forget and we can proudly say that the effort, hard work and money used to build it were our countrymen.” 


He also hailed the success of the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission and the G20 summit. He said the latest success belongs to the “140 million people” of the country, not just one person or party. He added that India’s power led to consensus in the G20 declaration, which included points on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.


The Prime Minister said that whether it was the Non-Aligned Movement or the G20, the country and the parliament acted unanimously. “The success of the G20 group is not the success of one person or one party, but the success of the whole country.” India has proved the world wrong by becoming a successful democracy,” Modi said.


Earlier, the prime minister told the media as usual before opening the session that the special session would be ‘short but historic.’ “From President Kalam to Kovind Murmun, from Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Manmohan Singh, whoever was a member of this Parliament, they worked to move the nation forward,” Modi said leaving the current building was an emotional moment for him. “Just as a family is full of memories, our hearts are full of emotions when they leave the old house to enter the new.”


This speech was a part of the Special Session of Parliament which commenced on Monday, The Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs called for a special session on 31st August. There are 8 major agendas in line of discussion in the house including, the Women’s reservation bill is the most anticipated one.