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Ryan International Killing: Class XI Student Murdered Pradyuman To Postpone PTM, Says CBI

New Delhi : Two months after the gruesome killing of eight years old student Pradyuman Thakur in Ryan International School (Bhondsi) Gurugram, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in its probe of the murder case has detained a student of standard XI of the Ryan school and took him under custody. CBI in its preliminary reports has alleged that the motive behind the killing of Pradyuman was to postpone the ‘Parents-Teacher Meeting (PTM)’ in the school. The top investigating agency in its briefing reported that the accused student bought the weapon from outside and slit Pradyuman’s throat in the bathroom. CBI has relied on the forensic evidences and CCTV footage in this case. The std. XI student will be produced as a prime accused before the Juvenile Justice Board this afternoon at 2PM. The CBI officials were in regular touch with the accused family since the start of the investigation in Pradyuman’s murder case.

According to the media reports, the detainee’s father has expressed that the CBI arrested his innocent son. “He (the detainee) was the one who broke the murder of Pradyuman to the gardener, teachers and other school authorities. He didn’t even know Pradyuman. CBI has been doing injustice and framing my child in this murder case. I have sympathy for the deceased and his family, but this is wrong to detain my son. They (CBI officials) kept me waiting at the CBI headquarters for late yesterday night and forced me to sign an alleged confession of my son,” he added. The sudden twist in the Ryan International shocking murder case has challenged the earlier confession of the bus conductor, Ashok, which stated that he stabbed Pradyuman twice in the bathroom of the school after the boy objected to sex, however CBI has refused the theory of sexual assault.

Pradyuman’s father Varun Thakur after the dramatic turn in the case has expressed that he was opined that the offender school had been deliberately trying to hide something from the police since day one.

Gurugram police in its preliminary investigation had arrested the bus conductor of Ryan school, Ashok Kumar, 42, with his confession of Pradyuman’s murder and sexual assault. The police had also produced the weapon used in the killing that time.

What had happened earlier?

On 9th September after the horrific murder of Pradyuman Thakur, a conductor of the school bus, Ashok Kumar 42, had confessed that he killed the boy. He confessed, “I was doing some objectionable activities alone inside the bathroom. The boy came inside and saw me. I got scared and pulled him inside. Then I attempted to have sex with the boy, he objected to surrender. I pulled him again and he fell on the ground. I panicked and slit his throat with a knife. I stabbed him twice near the part of his throat and ears. The boy cried and yelled, I flew away.”

Pradyuman’s father Varun Chand Thakur had said that he used to drop Pradyuman at school every day. On 8th September, he had dropped his son and daughter at the gate of Ryan International School and came back home. After fifteen minutes, he got distressed calls from Ryan International School that his son fell in the bathroom. The school management took the boy to Artemis hospital. Varun reached the hospital and saw the body of his son.

The victim’s father had complained, “Simply arresting the bus conductor is not sufficient. It is negligence of part of the school administration and they should be booked.”

“The school couldn’t even ensure basic safety for my son, how will then parents send children to school,” told the victim’s mother Jyoti to ANI.

The Gurugram police had investigaed different possible angles and motives behind the murder. The Deputy Commissioner of Police South Gurugram, Ashok Bakshi, had said, “The accused has been arrested and we are also integrating POCSO Act in this case. More names will be added soon.”

Amid outrage for strict action against the school, the acting principal was then suspended. “Principal Neerja Batra has been suspended. A special committee is probing the case. We took action against the security agency of the school,” said Gurugram Deputy Commissioner of Police Simardeep Singh. 


Now after the CBI report on Pradyuman’s murder, every earlier false theories behind the murder are rejected by the CBI. 

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