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The Perfect Wedding Gift For Every Kind Of Bride

Let’s admit it, when you think wedding gifts for a couple, you’re really thinking of the bride. The poor groom is mostly…

The Perfect Wedding Gift For Every Kind Of Bride

LetÂs admit it, when you think wedding gifts for a couple, youÂre really thinking of the bride. The poor groom is mostly an after-thought for two reasonsÂone, gifts options for men are really boring, and two, the wedding is all about the bride! So weÂre here to simplify your gifting dilemmas by telling you what would make the perfect gift choice for every kind of bride! 

The Fashionista! 

WhoÂs the bride: SheÂs always well dressed, sheÂs stylish and she knows it! HereÂs a bride who puts in significant time and effort into looking her best, is updated on the latest trends and has an eye for all things chic. 

What to get her: Now this isnÂt the easiest bride to shop for, because you donÂt get a Âfashionista tag without having a strong and distinct sense of style. Our suggestion? Steer clear of fashion and opt for stylish lifestyle accessories that will definitely become a part of the couples home. A Nespresso machine is a great choice as itÂs sleek, smart and so useful!  Alternatively, opt for an experience, be it a coupleÂs massage or a weekend getawayÂafter all who can say no to that! 

The Elegant One

WhoÂs the bride: A vision of poise and elegance, this bride is all things classy. For her, God is in the details and while her lifestyle may seem minimalistic, sheÂs all about quality and timeless appeal! 

What to get her: YouÂve got a bride whoÂs anything but flashy, and all about quality, so shopping for her should be easy-peasy! Just invest in something thatÂs truly about craftsmanship and excellence. If she enjoys cooking, opt for something from KitcheAid, a brand that is so synonymous with this personality type. Other great options would be a beautiful piece of art, high-quality bed linen, or something classic like a pair of silver champagne flutes! 

The Crazy-Fun Bride

WhoÂs the bride: SheÂs light-hearted, eclectic and loves all things fun. With her, the most important part of the wedding celebration is to have a great time. She always up for a good laugh and would truly enjoy quirky, eclectic gifts

What to get her: HereÂs your chance to shop for something truly adventurous and innovative! Commissioning a portrait for the couple is a great idea, as you know this is a couple whoÂll enjoy it. A fun rug, bar accessories or even a clone of the couple could be something to go for. Also, since this bride is all about experiencing life rather than things, a holiday or even a charity contribution in her name would be highly appreciated. 

Still not sure what would make the best gift for the couple? Go for the fail-proof option and refer the couple to a gift registry with Wedding Wishlist, so they can create a list of gifts they would love to receive on their wedding. And then all you have to do is pick your favorite and buy or contribute towards it. That simple!