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8 Personalities who have done Superb Work in their Respective Fields

SHRADHA KARUNA SAGAR Shradha Karuna Sagar, the Woman who has Passion in her Eyes, Power in her Work, and the…

8 Personalities who have done Superb Work in their Respective Fields


Shradha Karuna Sagar, the Woman who has Passion in her Eyes, Power in her Work, and the Compassion in her heart. She is Phenomenal Poet, Wunderkind Writer and the Youngest Leader and Member of the Humanitarian Organization KSAAUSS the Institution which is based in Uttar Pradesh and Powerfully transforming the Thinking Process of India. She believes that thoughts are one of the most powerful weapons through which anyone can positively change the Picture of this World. She also quoted, “This World desperately needed a chain of leaders who are willing to come out from their comfort zone and break the chain of regressive ideology and Orthodox Mindset which is constantly weakens our society. Why we wait for someone to come and make this World Beautiful for us Why Should we sit and hate this World when we have the capability to change this World. And I personally would like to invite you all to come and join us on this incredible journey of transforming the thought Process of this World so we can successfully will able to make this World Progressive, Broad and Powerful.”

In 2021, She is Awarded By Limelight Award, Golden Arc Award, Bharatiya Youth face of India,The Talented 30 By Opus Talent Awards and nominated for FSIA The Real Super Woman Awards 2021.


Professional Background: 22 yrs of outstanding Experience in Multinational Pharma companies segment heading west and South of India.

Researcher Background: Have developed research Organic skin care cosmetic keeping in mind NPOP, POP and USDA guidelines and certification for international and National use and consumptions

Social Background: I am been Appreciated by CM of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani for acknowledging my work in the adivasi villages of Maharashtra and Gujarat past 8 yrs.

Literature Background: I strongly feel writing is Flair, I having been writing in Hindi, Gujrati and English past 4 yrs. I have got 10 anthology books to my name.


Swarnika is an entrepreneur, a writer, a student of literature, a Bharatnatyam dancer and teacher, an English Teacher, an Academic and Creative Writing Instructor, and a humanist. She has completed her MasterÂs degree in English from University of Delhi, and she has worked on 10 books till date (academic books, anthologies, and fiction). She has been teaching Bharatnatyam for about 5 years. She has her own start-up called Nrityangana Kala Kendra OPC Private Limited, which is an online platform for education and extra-curricular activities. She is a language enthusiast and holds certifications in Spanish and French.  Currently she has been working on her start-up along with preparing for NET and PhD admissions. She continues to teach Bharatnatyam and English, while she continues to write.


Manaswita Bhattacharyya Mukhaty, a girl from the town of Bansberia, West Bengal dreamt of becoming a writer, and here she stands strong as a co- author of more than a dozen anthologies. She has been recognised by “The Spectrum Awards” by ” Fanatixx”. She has also been awarded by the “Opus Talent Award 2021” as the best writer. She wants to show women a path where they are not pissed by the various stringent norms of the society. She believes in the power of Almighty and faith in oneself. She is a sociologist and a writer. She has made her contributions on various issues through her write- ups on “Quora”. Her passion towards her work is making her gradually climb the mountain.


If you have ever craved for giving your mind a treat of a brilliantly woven story with a sarcastic tinge, you should read “Dictator”, published in the book “October Breeze”. The writer has many published writings to his credit, beautifully blending his historical ideas and a knack of fictional writing with an aroma of philosophical shade. A researcher and an educator of history by profession, he has a keen eye for cinematic and theatrical studies too which is reflected in his portrayal of everyday ness as well as complexities of emotions in an actor’s life in his upcoming work “Abhineta”. A recipient of many awards for his academic excellence and brilliant creativity, he recently received the “Limelight Awards 2021” for his ingenious literary publications in more than a dozen anthologies.


Tabindah is employed in a multinational company since 2017 in Pune. She has completed Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Burdwan University, West Bengal. She loves to dance. Being creative minded, she loves to write since she was 14. She has participated in 3 anthologies and looking forward to write more. When she is not writing,she can be seen exploring the nature and grooming herself. You can always count her as being the most motivated. Being passionate for her work and dedicated to writing looking forward to grow more.


Author of ÂSoul in wholeÂ, “Amorous Musings” Moderator  Motivational Strips, Member of World Nations Writers Union.

Anchor of literary shows- Mighty Quills of Motivational Strips, Nuggets from the authorÂs soul and The Voice of Mighty Quills.

She is an internationally known author and she has co-authored in many international anthologies and literary magazines. She hails from Palakkad, Kerala,the southern part of India.

Awards received:

Order of Shakespeare Medal from Motivational Strips 2021

Golden Badge Award winner from Motivational Strips endorsed by Gujarat Sahitya Academy

Ceasar Vallejo from Union Hispanomundial De Escritores 2021

Literary Captain Story Mirror

Recipient of Independence Day honours from Gujarat

Sahitya Academy 2021


Anuradha Viswanathan (Ann) was crowned at Face of the Globe India 2016 – she was an international pageant title holder at London and Paris. She also worked as brand ambassador for the pageant and its charity. Alongside this, she has also been a Finalist at 3 other Pageants/Shows, ‘Beauty of Women’  award winner, Grand Jury member, Showstopper for Alex Fashion Miss and Misses Bangalore where she was mentioned in 65 news articles of Alex Fashion as showstopper. She was also a Guest model at another show and brand ambassador at Diva Queen pageant. She has also won the Opus Talent Awards, Golden Arc Awards, Fashion awards 2021 winner and Standing ovation award, International Achiever award. She was also featured on Khaleej Times international news article as a pageant title holder , News Today(India)(for her singing),Dillistan, Zee5, influencer magazine UK, indiandaily.in, Midget Herald and Vents magazine, Fashion fair magazine and Inspirant Magazine .She is considered a celebrity, and has been an Award winning Software Engineer (former) at Infosys. She has also worked as a Researcher, Singer in a variety of genres and sang in a TV program telecast on DD Podhigai in 2002.

Besides this, she is also very talented at Dance across a wide range of genres, and has played 3 musical instruments. She holds Dual Masters degrees in technical fields.

Her versatility and innate talents across multiple fields and her multi-dimensionality sets her apart from the rest.

She is currently also working as a Quantitative Financial Developer with Cairnhill Capital.