A lot of us dream, a few of us chase. Mohammad Zaid Khalid: a chasing and hustling entrepreneur

Today we have the history of a man who, in true sense and values, is a self-made and self-reliant human being; the story of Mohammad Zaid Khalid. Zaid is currently a real estate developer from the town of Prayagraj and what he is today is an outcome of hard work and determination of countless years. He comes from a family of farmers and dairymen and today he is a well-known name in the business industry amongst the real estate developers. Having completed his schooling from Air Force School, Bamraoli, Zaid wanted to start his venture into the business industry right then. On the other hand, his parents knew the value of education and guided him to complete his graduation. He went on to further complete his graduation from DeenDayal College, Delhi University.

Once graduated, Zaid joined his father to help him in the daily work and, slowly but surely, using his natural gift of business, he reformed the dairy into a more sophisticated one, increased the production and net turn-over manifolds. This is when his father noticed how brilliant and Zaid to continue with his dream. This is when Zaid’s professional career kick-started. He saw a rising prospect in the real estate industry and started his investments with the money his father had given him to begin with. One after the other the investments kept bringing profits and Zaid used those profits to make even bigger investments. He took his time to understand how the markets works, every nitty-gritty and that his the reason why he has not had to face a bad deal ever.

An amateur might think it’s Zaid’s luck that he has not had to face any losses but in reality, it is the accurate analysis and calculations standing strongly behind him.  After a day of work, Zaid likes to refresh himself by reading or listening to music. He also enjoys bodybuilding which keeps him healthy and fit too. Apart from all this, Zaid is a big supporter of the charity.  He helps the poor and needy when they struggle through acute financial problems by providing for their needs like medical, marriage or education. A man like, who makes every living moment of his life count is bound to achieve great successes. His journey has just begun and will continue to go on to reach milestones that are out of bounds for an ordinary human being.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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