A tribute to a man with a big heart who will be remembered and cherished forever- Rahul Agarwal (1988-2021)

A tribute to a man with a big heart who will be remembered and cherished forever- Rahul Agarwal (1988-2021)

You may have disappeared from my sight, but you will never be erased from my heart and thoughts, says “Priyanka Agarwal” A strong and caring sister to a heartfelt brother.

Rahul was a young man who began working when he was only fifteen years old handling his father’s business. It’s worth noting that he had fallen and managed to get back up many times in his life, but never gave up on hope and relationships. In fact, he was almost left with no financial assistance when he was only 26 years old. Nonetheless, like a strong-willed man, he struck out on his own, eventually landing in real estate with a fantastic position in his hands, charming his way into his work and the people around him. Rahul was a charming, fun-loving personality who embraced his life to its fullest and had the ability to make even the most upset person in a room smile everywhere he went.

“Our mother was one of Rahul Bhaiya’s biggest strengths. A woman with a strong sense of self-determination and an optimistic attitude toward life-She has always taught me that, we are all here to help one another, so do your karma and just go on. Despite the unimaginable grief of losing a young son, she wakes up every day with a cheerful attitude towards life and encourages everyone in the house to do better”, says Priyanka.

If we talk about Priyanka’s bond with her beloved brother, it would, without a doubt, put a genuine smile on all the faces.

From being each other’s strength to splitting every bill, they were partners in business and in life. Two inseparable souls who understood each other profoundly and always had the sense to provide honest opinions to each other about anything and everything. Even during the lockdown, it gave them the strength to keep going, and they were always cheery and on track knowing we could count on one another. The connection between Priyanka and Rahul is an eternal bond, a relationship that will never fade.

Being a very optimistic personality and the founder of IAMSHE, a channel that supports people who have lost hope or have mental health concerns, or a channel that exists simply to give you that extra dose of hope and optimism and a beam to go on in your life, there is no doubt that Priyanka Agarwal has remained strong throughout this circumstance and will continue to do so. Of course, her head is still heavy, and this still crushes her heart, but staying brave and keeping up with work requires a great deal of self-will, which we can clearly see in this woman.

Her optimism and strength comes from the thought process that she still has. “When I see or speak to people who have been through a lot in their lives, it feels like my pain is still minor compared to theirs. My brother may not be in my eyesight, but he left me with a depth of knowledge and a beautiful perspective. He gave me a wonderful nephew and a hardworking and strong-willed sister-in-law for whom I will always be there. It’s worth noting that these thirteen days have taught me a lot. In truth, a lifetime is not necessary to comprehend a few life lessons that these 13 days have shown me. I constantly advise people to choose their relationships carefully and to surround themselves with people who are always there for them and who will stand by them in difficult times. These are the people who are deserving of your care, and you are deserving of theirs. When it comes to Rahul bhaiya, ultimately, I’d only like to say that he has left us with memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives” Says Priyanka Agarwal.

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