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Actress Aakanksha Sareen opens up about her struggles in the entertainment industry

Actress Aakanksha Sareen opens up about her struggles in the entertainment industry

The magnetism of stardom and the silver screen is such that most youngsters dream of appearing on screen. We often come across stories of obsession about people that did something unbelievable to get a chance to appear on the screen. From acting schools to shady agents, everyone is out there selling acting dreams to cinema buffs. However, only a small percentage of these come true. These people who succeed are those who are not blinded by glitz but work hard to get to their goal. Learning to act, auditioning, networking, appearing in reality shows, they do it all. However, all we see is the popularity and perks and fail to realize the struggles and hard work. We conveniently overlook the hurdles they crossed.

One such actress is Aakanksha Sareen, a popular name among the Indian audience. This familiar face that we see in several modeling campaigns, Punjabi songs, and movies has had her share of struggles before she reached stardom.

We talked to her, and she opened up about the challenges she faced on her journey. The first challenge that Aakanksha faced was that no one took her interest seriously. They thought it was just a childish dream that’d fade. “In reality, I remember every single time I dressed in my mom’s dupatta or heels or pretended to receive an award or say a speech. It was those little moments that convinced me I had to do it”, said Aakanksha. She also talked about how people demotivate girls to follow their passion, telling them that their future husband wouldn’t accept such a career choice. She said that everyone was insisting she continue her studies, but she wanted to be an actress.

Among other hurdles, Aakanksha says that objectification of women and asking for favors in return for roles is the vilest. She recalls how, after winning Femina Miss Diva Chandigarh in 2014, people would throw lewd comments at her. While Aakanksha ignored such people, she says that was a difficult time in her journey.

Landing the first contract says Aakanksha, who debuted with Jaan by Happy Rajkoti. However, it gets better if you perform well in your first stint. Aakanksha later also appeared in other songs such as Dil Darda by Roshan Prince, Paune Atth by Ranjit Bawa, Teeji Seat by kaka, Shaniwar by Gurnam Bhullar, Zumba by Babbu Mann, and nearly 400 other Punjabi music videos.

Her fans always praise her good looks, expression, and spectacular moves. Her acting performance also receives immense applause. Aakanksha made her acting debut with a film produced by Hema Malini, titled Mitti - Virasat Babbaran Di. She also performed remarkably in some other Punjabi movies like Dulla Vaily and Gurmukh.

Over 484k fans, follow Aakanksha on social media and appreciate her for making it so far without any backing in the entertainment industry.

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