Aryan Bhasin, the man who knows how to play in millions, whether it’s about followers base or money!

Today, when most of the millennials and adults dream of getting famous and to get an enormous number of followers on social media, there is this boy who already achieved that fame through his intelligence – Aryan Bhasin (@aryanbhasin). At a tender age of 19, he has achieved fame and practicality; both on Instagram and Facebook. His main accounts are @relationship_stats @just.hasley.things @fuddu_sperm @ifriendshipdaily @bollywoodbliss @cartoontrolls, which makes his followers base equal to a huge 20M+ and an Instagram network of about 250M+ followers, which is quite similar to a dream for most of us – he made ‘the dream’ come true for him in real life.
Aryan’s residence is in Mumbai, Powai. The boy hailing from the city of dreams is already fulfilling his dreams day by day! He is currently pursuing Hotel Management from the esteemed D. Y. Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Navi Mumbai, which means he is basically a man made for managing big aspects of life, whether it social media or the kitchen sink drama. His hobbies include photography, cooking, writing and publishing memes, and what not! In the near future, he aspires to become a michelin star chef.

Social media, which nowadays has become a great marketplace; Aryan entered that market in the year 2017 with a dream to become a business entrepreneur. His first page on Instagram is @gowmemesofficial, as he loved making memes from the very beginning and hence, due to his interest and talent in creating great humorous content, his followers and fame kept on increasing within a small span of time. He played it very shrewd in the real world of social media management and digital marketing and kept on increasing his followers base, by owning more and more accounts on social media and then expanding their reach, and now, he’s here with 10M+ followers base, both on Instagram and Facebook! Smart!

As a digital marketer and influencer, he has worked and is currently working with many reputable models and brands. He has worked with many great Youtubers. He has worked as an influencer marketer for Rishita Singh Chouhan and Akshita Chandwani. He runs campaigns for T-series, Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, TikTok, Helo App, Vigo Video, and many more. This proves his effectiveness as a digital marketer and social media influencer. Aryan Bhasin, hence, is a big brand himself. According to him, he wants to make himself the biggest tycoon in the e-marketing business pan world! He believes, “Make your actions work and name speak for you!”, and he’s already proving this quote true for him.

Aryan’s life is truly a great inspiration for youngsters these days. He is a famous influencer yet a very down to earth human being. He always stands in support of amateur creators by offering them different opportunities to showcase their talents’ at a bigger platform through the stage set by him on social media. He always tries to live his dream life through his hardwork and is already a self – made millionaire! He always aims high in life and works towards completing his set goals effortlessly, as he believes, “Live Large, Think Large”.

In a capsule, Aryan Bhasin is a young and very renowned social media influencer, a big brand, who can make anything or anyone go viral in seconds through the boundless platform established by him.

He quotes,
“Work hard when they sleep,
Play hard when they work”.

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