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Ashish Yadav a young entrepreneur being the top online mobile accessories seller of the year

Ashish Yadav from Udaipur Rajasthan at the age of 17 started his inventory by investing  1 Million creating a site named  ‘Trybhi’.

Ashish designed a website where mobile accessories from all across the world would be available at a reasonable price.

Generating business in e-commerce Ashish at such a young age happened to grow strong and firm in his field.

Consider e-commerce 1.0. Existing e-commerce platforms are better suited to sell structured and branded products (mostly electronics like mobile phones, televisions, and air-conditioners). They mainly appeal to relatively sophisticated shoppers, for whom convenience and selection are important. Their English-first approach and user interfaces are constraints for the NHB segment. 

Moreover, the format does not enable an important mechanism for building trust, such as information on what others are doing on the platform. For sellers too, e-commerce is designed to cater to larger, organized players, whereas most sellers in India, even online, are small. Overall, online shopping is at present more about price discovery than product discovery. E-commerce has made important strides, but its penetration is still low in India.

Today Ashish Yadav at the age of 17 has a vast range of accessories and a number of buyers online with tremendous growing business and revenue generation.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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