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Bollywood Journalist Rahul Varun Mishra’s interaction with Akshay Kumar goes viral

A question that is highlighted over and over again in this era is – What makes someone a good journalist…

Bollywood Journalist Rahul Varun Mishra’s interaction with Akshay Kumar goes viral

A question that is highlighted over and over again in this era is – What makes someone a good journalist ? I am sure, people have different opinions about it  but one such thing that has always stuck me is that as a journalist you should always keep your audience’s need for entertainment and knowledge your priority. 


One such journalist is Rahul Varun, founder of The Filmy Charcha who very recently stirr the world up again with a very interesting interaction with Akshay Kumar on the song launch of his movie Rakshabandhan, Where Rahul asked Akshay to comment on R Madhavan statement that “ Films are not made in 40-45 days, it’s a very long process to curate a character and present it on screen”. 


To which, Akshay responded in Hindi, “Kya kehna chahunga? Bhai meri filmein khatam ho jaati hain main kya karoon? Main ismien thode hi kuch kar sakta hoon… Meri filmein khatam ho jaati hain. Ek director aata hai kehta hai bhaiya aapka kaam khatam aap ghar jaaiye toh ab main ussey ladoon (What can I say? I finish my work quickly. 


This particular interaction has gained major traction form the audience and also been given the tag of controversy by various publications all over the world. 


Ever since the start of the time, Mumbai and Our Hindi Film industry Bollywood has always been a distant dream for millions of people in the country but not everyone has the courage to actually pursue the goal of making a space for themselves with awakened eyes.  


Rahul Varun Mishra was born on 5th August 1993. He is a Bollywood Journalist and the founder of RV Rising entertainment and The Filmy Charcha in 2019. Established in Mumbai, He has achieved so much in this field as an outsider and has never looked back. He has also been awarded with Rashtriya Ratna Samman. 


Starting at a very ground level, Rahul hails from Madhubani, Bihar. He is raised by a simplistic elegant middle class family where achieving success in the media and entertainment industry is no less than a myth and yet Rahul was so passionate about his dreams ever since childhood.Rahul’s father is small businessman and his mother is a homemaker, he completed his education from R.K college Madhubani.


The belief that He will make it and the mantra of always being a better version of himself has helped him to climb the ladder of success quite well.  He started his career by working as an intern under the assistant director at Zee Tv for the show Vishkanya. Later on he interned at ABP News. Shobha Desai Production and so much more. Rahul never assumed or judged any work that came his way and looked for optimistic learnings in all his experiences. His company is also a business partner at Shaktimaan Institute of Acting, which happens to be helmed by the man himself, Mr. Mukesh Khanna. 


Like Every young person with dreams, Rahul also had his fair share of struggles and it’s no less than a fact that he has definitely seen it all but like it said “ Picture abhi Baaki hai mere dost” , Rahul started his own company RV Rising Entertainment. Filmy Charcha is another such venture started by him which is now people’s go to platform for exclusive Bollywood & Television latest updates. 


Providing high-quality content and trustworthy information has come to be associated with RV Rising Entertainment. Through their celebrity management and PR firm, they have handled a number of celebrities and gained a reputation for being thorough in delivering the services they claim (PR). They are aware that in today’s digital age, in order to stand out, PR must strive to keep you in the spotlight and create the image you desire. In accordance with their requests, top-tier business owners have been able to secure the necessary media attention thanks to RV Rising Entertainment. They are also credited with landing rich partnerships, high-end brand celebrity endorsements, and other achievements.


He has gone on to take interviews with many big Celebrities in the film business and has always left the audience with a hint of fun and entertainment.


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