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C.A Sanjay Jaswani: The Trader, Mentor also known as Thursday king In D-street

An Economics Major, Chartered Accountant and founder of online and offline institute TargetAccounts.in, Sanjay has also established four other firms.

In nominal GDP list, India consolidates its position at 5th place but when it comes to Stock Market only 5-6% of the population of India is directly or indirectly involved in Stock market and it’s because many are scared about Markets and they think the stock market is a gamble, It’s because of lack of knowledge among people but according to Sweety Upadhyay and C.A Sanjay Jaswani, ‘60-70% of the consumption done by whole Indian Population is from top 100 companies of stock market which are also known as Nifty 50 and Nifty Next 50, biggest indexes of our Stock Market, so, how come it can be a gamble? We are consuming products from the same companies like Maggie and we have invest companies of these products like Nestle.

He started earning from the age of 14, his first source of income was teaching to his juniors and his classmates and taking some fees for the teaching services he used to provide. After that, Sanjay never stopped teaching at all. He taught School and college commerce students and students pursuing professional examinations. Fast forward to today, he teaches trading and investment strategies and shares his vast experience of the Stock Market.

Target Accounts started as a Commerce Institute back in 2011, where they were teaching about commerce, accountancy and economics for free to BPL students, after Sanjay’s Higher School studies, he started teaching about Stock Market and Accountancy to other students as well. Earlier their whole teaching platform was limited to Jaipur, Rajasthan since it’s there Home Town and they were running completely offline classes back then, according to Sanjay

In December 2017, they came online and started taking online classes. Now, they have taught more than 3,000 students in Pan India and to some NRI’s too.

Sanjay and Sweety have received many awards as well for their achievements and contributions because of their contribution to Financial literacy in society. The duo also said that they made more money when the market has fallen and in a recent upward movement.

They trade on every Thursday and some other days as well with their students and make decent profits from Stock Market.

India, being a developing country, has plenty of investing and trading opportunities that one can make use of rather than the conventional types of investment. Sanjay believes that there must be celebration days, weeks and months for Financial literacy as well Like Diwali and Holi!

They are active on their respective Instagram handles – @targetaccounts and @investorgirl1998. You can find more details about them on their website https://targetaccounts.in/

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