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Can your coffee cup tell your future?

Besides coffee, what more do you think your coffee cup could hold? Ever wondered what the bottom of your cup…

Can your coffee cup tell your future?

Besides coffee, what more do you think your coffee cup could hold? Ever wondered what the bottom of your cup would say if it could talk?

Coffee Cup Reading is very similar to tea-leaf reading where the fortunes of the seeker are revealed through patterns, symbols, and omens formed from the residual coffee grounds in the cup. 

Coffee Cup Reading is also called Cafeomancy. This originates from the Middle Eastern cultures that practice divination from Turkish, Greek, or Lebanese coffee grounds. While most of the brewed coffee is consumed, the sediments are left to settle in the cup. It is often believed that the seeker should not read their own cups.

This art was practised for thousands of years in the Middle East and is still hugely popular in Turkey. Almost everywhere in Turkey, whether it is the capital city of Istanbul or small towns, you will notice people having coffee with their friends and family and reading their coffee cups trying to predict their future. This art is as common in Turkey as palm reading is

in India.

Every culture has its own variation. The most common practice is to cover the cup with the saucer and turn it upside-down to read the fortunes. Some Romanian methods require the sediments to be swirled around until they form patterns. In the Turkish tradition, coffee- readers interpret the cup as being divided into horizontal halves: patterns appearing on the

bottom half are interpreted as messages regarding the past, and patterns on the top half are messages regarding the future. 

Every personÂs coffee cup is different, and no two cups can ever be the same! The symbols formed in the cup represent various aspects of a personÂs life, and Sheetal Shaparia has the genuine ability to decipher what it means!

Sheetal explains, ÂThe basic concept is that when we drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine in it releases the information locked in our subconscious mind. It is believed that our subconscious

mind stores all the information of our past as well as the future.Â

Sheetal Shaparia identifies herself as somebody blessed with divine powers. She possesses an intuitive nature and offers guidance to all her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them. This has enabled her to provides

services such as Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Vaastu Reading, to name a few. She truly believes that she becomes a part of her clientÂs life, enabling them to make the correct decision at multiple stages. 

The satisfaction of her clients is a testimonial to SheetalÂs intuitive skills. Out of the many successful Coffee Cup Readings, one is remarkable! Through Coffee Cup Reading, Sheetal effectively helped her client, who could not have children for various reasons.

Sheetal advised her to relocate to her native home with her husband. Miraculously, the troubles faced by her went away, and she was able to conceive!

Sheetal promises that her service will give you Âpeace, health, and prosperity.Â

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