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Cemo Basen: The Instagram Star Making Front Row Rounds

Cemo Basen

A rising Instagram influencer who is scaling higher in his field by journeying towards acting and modeling. All about the Dubai-based youth capturing young hearts with his dedicated and talented persona. Commonly known as Cemo, his birth name is Muhammad Qasim. He is a 33-year-old (as of 2022) Instagram Influencer born on 19 February 1989, who had a humble beginning and strives to live a life that accomplishes his dreams while believing in his morals even now.

He shares about his lifestyle, dreams and passion on Instagram and makes sure to be consistent and deliver quality content to his fans.

Some interesting Questions people commonly ask him

Q 1. Where is Cemo Basen from ?

-Born in Dubai now an American actor/model/influencer

Q 2. Curious about Cemo Basen dating someone? And who is his girlfriend?

-Well, there were rumours about him having a Ukrainian girlfriend but he never said or confirmed anything about her.

Q 3. Has Cemo Basen been in any TV Shows ?

-Yes, he has! He is raising an influencer series streamed on Fox5dc and he was a contestant on Mr Dc 2021

Q 4. When is Cemo Basen Birthday?

-He was born on 19 February 1989. His Zodiac sign is Pisces

Q 5. Is Cemo Basen gay?

-This is quite an interesting and commonly asked question since he has kept his personal life quite private. But the answer is No he is not gay. Cemo has been plagued by rumours about his sexuality from the beginning of his career. But he has cleared on his Instagram that he is straight.

Q 6. Does Cemo Basen have any tattoos

-No, he doesn’t have any

Q 7. Is Cemo Basen is on TikTok

-Yes his TikTok is Cemo Basen

Q 8. What is Cemo Basen’s favourite sport?

-He plays pool and cricket

Q 9. How tall is Cemo Basen

-He is 5’7” and weighs 60 Kg or 133 lbs

Here’s the quick Q&A we had summarised about Cemo Basen. He is a rising influencer who has a long way to go and one who looks up to his favourite actor Johnny Depp along with dreams big. He makes sure to keep his audience enthralled by showing them that he is an ordinary person living his dreams and urges others to do the same.

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