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COVID Times - An Opportunity For Creatively Driven People

COVID Times - An Opportunity For Creatively Driven People

Have you ever imagined that a time would come when everything would come to a halt? Where owing to a pandemic, you would be confined to your homes and obliged to work from home, whether for offices or schools? Isn't it true that no one has ever wondered? However, when a pandemic overtook the country in March 2020, things came to a halt, with lockdown imposed and many people losing their jobs and spending months and months without pay.

During the same time, Vidya Venkatraman had a vision of her own. A vision that gave birth to “Meraki.” A company that started amidst the pandemic in May 2020, where people just thought it would be a passing phase and we shall be over it soon. Throughout that time, Vidya, the founder of Meraki, quit her job, where she was earning a scrumptious amount and had nothing to worry about, and instead took on the challenge of launching her own business, armed with her five years of experience. Meraki was born out of her belief that it was finally time for her to have something she could call her own. Meraki & Co. stands out among the many social marketing and digital marketing organisations because of the unique techniques they develop to market your brand.

Being led by a woman entrepreneur, Vidya Venkatraman, the company's founder and CEO, provides end-to-end marketing solutions, brand building among customers, and SEM solutions to a wide range of businesses throughout the world. The experts at this firm have firsthand experience in developing engaging, contemporary, yet ground-level social media campaigns. They've been assisting local and worldwide businesses and other entities in doing business smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Meraki has its own approach to client management and iteration. They follow four easy steps: interpret, develop, recreate, and lastly, the anticipated results. They recognise that not every client will have the same wants, and that is where they customise the services to meet your needs. Meraki has paved the way for personalization, as well as precision and polishing, in order to make the clients shine. They have not only aided start-ups in establishing their own social media presence, but they have also aided established brands with no online presence. With the growing demand for digital marketing, they believe in achieving the perfect blend of professionalism and perfection.

Meraki & Co. deliver you spectacular reinventions and exceptionally excellent cues to help your company rise to its full potential. It not only aids the company's growth, but it also serves as a reminder to the employees to stay grounded and provide the best service possible. Great marketing always makes the client feel smart; Vidya's vision has come true to her words, and now it's your opportunity to join Meraki on their journey to impart a revitalising experience!

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