Cyber Security Expert, Vikas Singh Bisht, is determined to make the Cyber World Secure

Magic never turns the dream into reality, rather it takes sweat, determination, and hard work to achieve that dream. This quotation completely gets along with the inspiring reality of Vikas Singh Bisht who, by profession, is a teacher and a cyber-security expert as well. He is dedicated, hardworking, and smart and these traits helped him in achieving something big. While surfing on the Google Search Engine, he detected a mistake in the system of an intricate website. After he submitted a request for the correction of the mistake, the team rectified it and on the Hall of Fame under the Vulnerability Reward Program he was placed on 322nd rank. Bisht has also been given $100 as a reward. With this achievement, the cybersecurity expert, Vikas Singh Bisht, became the first and the youngest person in Uttarakhand to have found a glitch in 


Bisht works at a cyber-defense alliance company in Dehradun which provides cybersecurity to many bigger companies in the world.

According to the Uttarakhand’s youngest cybersecurity expert, while he was searching for something on the internet, he witnessed an anomaly. It was on November 14, when he was acknowledged by Google after he reported the bug earlier that month. Filled with delight and wonder, Vikas expresses his feelings of joy with the greatest ever recognition and compliment he received. Bisht is a Computer Application graduate who detected the mistake of cracking scripting in Google’s website which was corrected by Google’s security team. Bisht explained the technical aspect of the problem where the bug would affect the search pattern making the database of the website more vulnerable. 

Technical errors like alteration in search and functioning would take place instead of the website being affected in a big way. He has taken the initiative of conducting free cybersecurity courses for the people who have low income. This initiative is helping the nation towards a digital world. The goal behind this initiative according to Bisht is to limit the cyber-attacks which are happening on the internet these days in order to make internet surfing more secure. 

Under this course, the students will be taught CH version 9 and version 10. According to the Uttarakhand’s Youngest Cyber Security Expert, Vikas Singh Bisht, the cyber-security trap is unimaginable and the people in our nation should be digitally smart in order to tackle such problem. Being digital just for the sake of money is not what our country needs. It needs people who can make the cyber world secure. As per his research, people are interested in cyber-security courses, however, they are unable to take up the courses because of fee issues. Keeping this in mind, Bisht wants to provide free courses to the poor who have the determination to learn new things.

The young generation of our country is talented enough to make our country proud. Not only the people living in cities but the people living in villages are also becoming digitally smart day by day. Apart from finding a glitch in Google’s website, Bisht detected a hijacking bug in the domain of Microsoft for which he was awarded a prize and 2.21 lac Rs. The Cybersecurity expert, Vikas Singh Bisht, has made India proud and inspired the young generation to follow their dreams and do something big. Everyone should keep on trying until they achieve something big. Success is not luck; it is hard work. Bisht has become a living example of hard work leading to success. The young generation should keep faith in themselves and give their best. Just like Bisht, people should give their best in the field they are working in.

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