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Deepak Goyal and Designgiri: The Journey So far

Deepak Goyal

Designgiri India began as a hobby Instagram account for a graphic design student, which has now bloomed into an extensive business with far reaching influence. This is their story.

Deepak Goyal had completed his high school education and following the general mainstream trend, applied for Engineering. But soon after he realized that the discipline was not for him. He struggled with mathematics and faced many failures from the first semester itself. However, he persevered for three more years, hoping the situation would improve with time. After giving it as much time as he possibly could, and realizing that engineering was not for him, he dropped out then, and joined a diploma course on Graphic Designing.

In diametric opposition to his experience in Engineering, he enjoyed his classes there immensely, and began excelling in almost every course and semester. His trainers, impressed by his work, urged him to put them on social media for promotion. His friends and family supported this decision, and so Designgiri was created on a whim.
As more and more designs were uploaded to the profile, Deepak’s popularity grew exponentially, along with his followers. Soon he was getting offers from people to design their logos and creatives for their marketing campaigns. With increasing offers Deepak finally opened up an office and hired new people to help with the work load.

Currently Designgiri India is a flourishing company, and has helped Deepak pursue other interests in his life. This entire series of incidents was only possible because Deepak refused to succumb to the gloom of his initial failure, and recovered from it to search for, and find, his true passion.

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