‘DIGITAL MARKETING’ – Just A Brief - The India Saga




Beginning with the very basic; let’s break this into two; ‘Digital’ – means an activity carried out through electronic medium…


Beginning with the very basic; letÂs break this into two; ÂDigital  means an activity carried out through electronic medium & ÂMarketing  means to advertise/promote a product aiming to boost the sales.

When used as a single term; DIGITAL MARKETING refers to a marketing tactic using internet to reach the potential audience as a primary source. This has lately been an exciting endeavour wherein newer methods are adopted to understand & reach the customers.

WhatÂs the Future??

As per the Statistia Research Development, it has been found that the digital advertising market all over India encompassed the market of about 199 billion Indian rupees which is likely to reach around 540 billion Indian rupees by the year 2024.


Contributing to never-ending & immense growth in ÂDigital Marketing Segment, here is LEADMAGNET PVT. LTD.  A Ludhiana Based Marketing Agency.

Established in the year 2016, it was initially run by a ÂOne-Man Army who has been a learner and an innovator all through the years he has been into the industry. The backbone of the organization: Mr.Joginder Singh Bedi, Director.

Gradually, this passionate and keen player teamed up with zealous experts in their disciplines; Social Media Marketing, Branding & Influencer Marketing, Video Production, Content Creation & Graphic Designing & many more.

With LEADMAGNET WhatÂs Next??

Since then, the resourceful crew members have been following an unceasing and perpetual list of strategies to drive in maximum results in the minimum investment to the potential customers.

Initiating by understanding the needs & preferences of the clients, these practiced professionals bring out all the ideas, the concepts catering to all the digital marketing services for a particular customer.

The crew aims at ÂSOLVING THE PROBLEM, rather than SELLING THE PRODUCTÂ. Maximizing business growth with the least investment in a dedicated time period is the primary focus of LEADMAGNET PVT. LTD.

Joining hands with LM is surely going to provide the clients with a gale of overpowering and persisting planners, videographers, content creators, designers and marketers, who will certainly shoot up your organizational goals. With consistent training and practice, the team is well-acquainted with the latest market/industry trends.

The thinkers of LeadMagnet are power packed for steady work flow, result-oriented approach and a purposeful business.


In simple words, LeadMagnet is a complete box of digital solutions for business leads, low conversion rates & what not?

The market today is sprawling with digital marketing companies, but choosing the right one is the task of a wiser client.

For a layman, digital marketing may mean, promoting a product/business on platforms like Facebook, and Instagram. But, in addition to this, LEADMAGNET is much moreÂ.

Years of experience and expertise has led the organization earn the official marketing partnership with Disney + Hostar.

Also, LEADMAGNET is the only marketing partner with Snapchat all over Punjab.

Putting in effort, dedication & working all round the clock has made the organization win a myriad of International clientele.

Exclusively architected Multipurpose Studio, makes LeadMagnet the first digital marketing agency with its own Video Production House. This has surely turned out to be a productive investment as the clients are served with the explosion of our mind, skills & equipment.

Begin Your brand journey now with Leadmagnet to get noticed!