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Elite book awards announces its awardees for Season 22

“All art, literature and music must be born in your heart’s blood. Art is your heart’s blood” by Edvard Munch…

Elite book awards announces its awardees for Season 22

ÂAll art, literature and music must be born in your heartÂs blood. Art is your heartÂs blood by Edvard Munch

It is said that one ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words. Contemporary art and literature are fast witnessing the rise of umpteen talented, gifted writers, artists and art and literary enthusiasts from every nook and corner of the world. Elite Book Awards was hence founded in 2021 to give a platform to these gems to showcase their talent to the world and gain recognition for their hard work. The second season of Elite Book Awards 2021 was a unique initiative to recognize the talent, exceptional skills and hard work of literary and art enthusiasts.  This award is for aspiring writers, published authors, published co-authors, book reviewers, book bloggers, publishers, compilers, literary entrepreneurs, artists, etc that aim to give each participant creative soul the right exposure and branding to make their beautiful work reach out to thousands of people. The teamÂs aim is not only to provide awards, but also make these talented people gain international recognition and audience reach. Awards are much more than just a medal and trophy. They act as sources of immense motivation to continue our passion of reading and writing, thus keeping this staggering art alive in our hearts. Hence, Elite Book Awards is not just an organization aimed at giving awards, but a literature and art loving community that seeks to enrich contemporary Indian art & literature by bringing in talents that often go unnoticed in the international stage and provide them a platform to showcase their art to the world and get rewarded for their breath-taking work. EBA is not just giving awards, but building the creative stalwarts of tomorrow in a unique way with different benefits in a single award. After a successful first season, EBA organized its second season from 1st– 30th September, declaring results of various Season 2 special awards during 1st Week of October, 2021. The event that saw the participation of extremely talented people from all over the world was associated with Digital Marketing Giant Digital Golgappa, that aims to help its clients achieve their goals and esteemed international magazines Merged Array and Elysian Magazine as their Magazine partners. 52 awardees were selected for the prestigious award from all over the world. From ÂCity Beautiful Chandigarh to ÂCape Comorin Kanyakumari and Majestic Michigan, USA to ÂGiant of Africa beautiful Nigeria, the award event proved that contemporary art & literature is richly blessed with extremely talented people from every nook and corner of the world.  The awardee list is as under:

Shishira Srinivasa: Best Aspiring Writer

Somya Tyagi: Best Compiler

Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar: Most Multitalented literary figure

Shaniya Nawaz: Best Aspiring Poet

Ishmita Thakur: Best Aspiring Poet

Arpita Kawde: Best Artist

Ishika Saxena: Best Aspiring Poet

Yogitha Subash: Best Aspiring Writer

Fathimath Ithusha: Best Book Reviewer

Rasika Ramesh Sawarkar: Most Multitalented literary figure

Indira Guha Patra: Best Thriller Author

Daksha Rajeshkumar Udhani: Most Multitalented literary figure

A.S. Sethupathi: Best Author Non-Fiction.

Samrin Nisha. S: Best Aspiring Poet

Smita Shetty: Best Debut Author

Samata Dey Bose: Best Blogger

Ka’Ron Gaines: Best ChildrenÂs Author

Shreya Dubey: Best Live reader and host

Richa Kumari: Best Debut Author.

Kailash Amesur: Best Author Non-Fiction

Neha Gupta: Best Aspiring Writer.

Sunaina Arora: Best Aspiring Poet

Prasad Dev:  Best Co-author

Rakesh Kumar Sahu:  Best Aspiring Poet

Sifat Naaz:  Best Aspiring Writer

Mahalakshme M: Best Aspiring Writer

Yashi Lath: Best Debut Author

Sharma Sumit: Best Debut Author

Sarbajit Chowdhury: Best Author Poetry

Babita Sagar: Best Author Poetry

Sneha Bhattacharya: Best Poet 2021

Anushka Das: Best Aspiring Poet

Elizabeth Akinniyi: Best Co-Author

Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee: Best Aspiring Writer

Twisha Ray: Best Debut Author

Manaswita Bhattacharyya Mukhaty: Best Aspiring Writer

Nilesh Prajapat: Best Debut Author

Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani: Best Author Fiction

Kaamna Dwivedi: Best Aspiring Writer

Utkarsh Khare: Best Author Poetry

Gayatri Sriaadhibhatla: Best Author Poetry

Vineet K. Silaniya: Best Author Fiction

Shradha Karuna Sagar: Most Multitalented Literary figure

Kukkala Rohithkumar: Best Aspiring Writer

Madhurima Guruju: Best Aspiring Writer

Sunayana Kayastha: Best Aspiring Poet

Pratik Premraj Bhala: Most Multitalented literary figure

Samarpita Sen: Best Artist

Shivi Goyal: Best Author Non-Fiction

Season 2 of Elite Book Awards also had 3 additional special edition awards namely-

ELITEÂS AUDIENCE POPULAR CHOICE AWARD, ELITEÂS MOST EXEMPLARY WORK AWARD ( for best work and content) and ELITEÂS MOST SIGNIFICANT AWADEE. The winners of these awards are listed as under:




 Winners- Richa Kumari Kashyap & Indira Guha Patra

 1st Runner Up- Shivi Goyal

2nd  Runner Up- Vineet K Silaniya

Special Mentions:

Shishira Srinivasa

Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar

Daksha Rajeshkumar Udhani

Madhurima Guruju

The awardees were honored with certificates, medals, trophies, gift hampers, books and lots more. Team Elite Book Awards, Digital Golgappa , Merged Array Magazine & Elysian Magazine congratulates all these talented awardees  and hopes for a bright future of all .