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Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Mentor Ujwal Sharma shares his views on Education System

India has one of the strongest and largest diversity, with the most populous democracy, second-most largest population with extremely talented…

Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Mentor Ujwal Sharma shares his views on Education System

India has one of the strongest and largest diversity, with the most populous democracy, second-most largest population with extremely talented youths. There is no doubt that youths are the future of a country. Being skillful in today’s world is common, but being innovative in today’s generation is what the world needs.

The business and technological world of the 21st century has digitized itself and has come up in the market with new hopes. Keeping the same thoughts and ideas in mind, one very young, the skilled teenage digital entrepreneur has shown to the world what exactly a person can do if he has the dream and dedication to achieve it.

Ujwal Sharma a Kolkata-based Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Mentor, who’s the Founder and CEO of Uzi World Digital. He has emerged as one of the top entrepreneurs at the global level. Ujwal’s dedication towards his work has now gained world recognition. He was the winner of the prestigious Indian Achievers Award for Young Entrepreneur in recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution in Nation Building, organized and presented by the Indian Achievers Forum.

The story of success-

Born and brought up in the city of joy, Kolkata, Ujwal has always dreamt of achieving high in his life. He believes in being busy and working smartly to achieve his goals. For him, success can never be permanent but is momentary. A successful person avoids resting.

When he was 16, he watched a motivational speech of Sandeep Maheshwari, a speaker, an entrepreneur, and a name among millions, where he spoke and mentored about how to start a business with no money. It was that video that motivated Ujwal and made him never look back again. Astonishingly, it was the same year, 2019, in which he launched his first Award-winning Digital Marketing company ‘Uzi World Digital’, which came out to be a grand success.

Ujwal’s dedication, hard work, and determination to achieve big in life made his company win the most prestigious award in Business World –  India Digital Enabler Awards (IDEA-2020) for the best use of social media on 4th December 2020 by Entrepreneur.com.

During the pandemic, where start-ups were undergoing great loss, Uzi World Digital managed to help more than 175 Indian, Canadian, USA, and UK based start-ups to grow their presence on the web, with the help of E-commerce websites, Digital PR, and social media to stand in the competitive market.

Views of the young entrepreneur on the education system-

Ujwal Sharma recently was called for an interview by the editor of Business and Finance in Classicpreneur News and Media, Miss. Prity Roy, where he opened up and spoke about himself and his views on the education system. In the interview, he revealed that he has spent his childhood in a boarding school for 9 years, for his overall development. He commented on today’s education system, which he finds non-productive for the overall development of a child.

“Education plays a crucial role in the development of a human, and subsequently, the entire nation. But today’s education system is purely based on legacy and not honor. Students fetching 90% or above fall in the category of brilliant, and those who score median grades are considered weaklings with no substantial future. He further focused on the ancient world and stated that the curriculum taught by the masters of the old period was practical-based. Today’s grading system has made the students focus on the bookish knowledge and not the extracurricular activities.

Ujwal further spoke about the primary level education of a child that forms the plinth of a human. “Higher education teaches students about what others have done in their life and very little about what and how we, as a newcomer, can shine bright in this world. Education is not knowing about others, but to mold yourself so that the world can differentiate you from others.” He added about his work on the upcoming book in which he has highlighted some important and informative facts that would surely help the young entrepreneurs grow. The book is supposed to get launched soon.

When asked about teaching multilingual languages that have now come up in the curriculum, Ujwal stated that foreign languages are no longer suitable to be added in schools as many real-time translators software are available in the market. He commented, “People can now contact their friends sitting at different places in the world and can know many things about the country’s culture and languages. The education system must focus on the students’ health, fitness, and extracurricular activities like music, dance, etc.”

He believes schools and colleges are necessary as students get to know and meet different people with different thoughts and habits, which ultimately help them to develop interpersonal skills. The pandemic has unfortunately taken away that opportunity as well.

On the Indian education system, he highlighted the lack of technical facilities which need to be improved. He spoke about the data of around six million students who left studies in India due to the pandemic. One of the main reasons was the lack of technological facilities. Even though around 11.1% of children got phones to post the lockdown to help their studies, still many poor children are facing the problem of not being able to use the gadgets. ÂThe teaching methodology in the Indian education system lacks and that it needs a change. A combination of a good tutor with an agile learning methodology can reap wonders.Â

He highlighted that if we look into the syllabus of almost the last two decades from any Indian board, we can hardly see any changes in the syllabus. In simple terms, students from any Indian board can define and state the theoretical terms without any complication, but face difficulties when it comes to applying them in real life. 

Ujwal Sharma believes in nurturing a kid from the beginning, not by pressurizing them with heavy books, but by adding fun and games in the process of learning.

“I believe every child must have knowledge of the market and how it functions, as it helped me to grow and established myself before my 20s.” He concluded with a statement that education is something never-ending. It is to retain and apply everything you have learned in real life in a trouble-free manner. 

There is no doubt that India has produced various great entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, and engineers. Ujwal Sharma, through his work and dedication, has proved that he is one of those valuable human resources that our country has ever had.

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