Entrepreneur Mayank Singh Rajput is an inspiration for the youth of the country

It takes a lot of perseverance and hard work to build a name and proliferate on social media. Whether it…

Entrepreneur Mayank Singh Rajput is an inspiration for the youth of the country

It takes a lot of perseverance and hard work to build a name and proliferate on social media. Whether it is from making TikTok, YouTube videos or even running a niche-related Instagram page totally for fun. However, Mayank Singh Rajput, also known as The Youngest Entrepurner in Bihar, has still been able to build a social media network across all of his social media within a short amount of time.

Mayank is a rising social media influencer and entrepreneur that has found his way to quickly building a reputation in the social media world for his quality work. From being an influencer to being the CEO and founder of his own company, The Digital Hunters.

For Mayank, this is how it all started.

Mayank was born on May 10, 1998, in Forbesganj small town in Bihar, and moved to Delhi in 2018  not quite understanding the altitude of this decision, nor did Mayank know that his life would soon make an abrupt change. He did not restrict his education to academic education. He researched his surroundings and was always curious about how things worked. At the age of 18, he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. After completing his college studies, he launched his first start-up, The Digital Hunters, in 2019. As he grew older, his interest in Digital grew more extensively, which is unusual because of his origin.

Mayank Singh Rajput also created social media profiles of several brands by his firm. Mayank has been the Digital Marketing Manager of several celebrity celebrities. He has also been the marketing representative of many celebrities, including international artist Jessica Amir, several MTV artists, and Bollywood celebrities and singers. His hard work really paid him.

He built the company The Digital Hunters from scratch, and it all derived from his love of Digital and social media. From a youth to a young adult, Mayank learned so much about social media that assisted with getting him to the point of building his own empire.

From inspiring and influencing many to create quality Brand gear through his company, Mayank is quickly building a name in the Digital Entrepreneurship world as well, even globally. Both Mayank and his company Digital Hunters, have been featured in multiple notable newspapers, such as Dainik Jagran, Hindustan, Sanmarg, and Prabhat Khabar. he is inspiring others to do what they believe in.

He has a strong desire to motivate and influence his audience as well as reaching more audiences as well to diversify and strengthen his network.

He intends to help through his company, which represents the widespread of talented youth who aspire to inspire in s or form. His social media network has been a driving force and is growing quite consistently in which we can assume more success is expected.

His dedicated hard work and never-ending adventures to succeed make him one of the few digital marketers who have done so much work in a very short period of time. He started his first start-up by Taking a few rupees from his mother and father and has really shined well today by building an online platform for projects worth millions. With all his determination he managed to become one of the ‘youngest digital entrepreneurs in the country’.

His efforts are very well recognized and rewarded. He is highly in demand for his digital services. Mayank’s journey is an inspiration to many youths of our country and his life is a fantasy for people of his age. He has proved that every small input in the direction of development leads to a big achievement

To check more out and remain connected with Mayank Singh Rajput, follow his official Instagram @mayanksinghrajputra where you can reach out and interact with him!