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Environmentalist Zeeshan Khan garners more headlines with his #disposesafely campaign

He is also known as the ‘Eco Man of India’ for a reason, and his organization ‘Relive Eco Foundation’ aims…

Environmentalist Zeeshan Khan garners more headlines with his #disposesafely campaign

He is also known as the ‘Eco Man of India’ for a reason, and his organization ‘Relive Eco Foundation’ aims to promote activities that protect our earth.

The world we live in right now has been going through a lot. While most of us are busy blaming the pandemic and many other factors for the disruptions caused, it is time to introspect and realize that most of these disruptions are man-made due to unsustainable practices and the excessive use of plastic for years. The major cause of our deteriorating health today is because of the bad choices that we made and kept practicing in our lives. However, now is the time to stand up for what is right and make certain important choices to turn around our lives for the better, explains a young talented being, a man who has spellbound people with his works and his visions towards creating a sustainable life for others; he is Zeeshan Khan, popularly known as the ‘Eco Man of India’.

Who is Zeeshan Khan, you ask? Well, this youngster has been shining brighter each day for the kind of passion, zealousness and determination he has shown to make a difference to our planet and ultimately to the lives of others. That is how Zeeshan Khan has become an inspiration to the world, especially the youth as an environmentalist, a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor from India, but most importantly, a compassionate soul who crosses boundaries to protect our mother earth.

What has been garnering him more buzz and headlines is his recent campaign called #disposesafely campaign, apart from many other astounding works of his like introducing Plastic Donation Centres, Smart Restroom Monitoring System and Pickating. The #disposesafely campaign began on 22 April 2020 (Earth Day) to spread awareness about the safe disposal of Mask and Gloves to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection. Environmentalists from over 12 countries supported the campaign by using the hashtag to raise awareness through Instagram and other platforms. Now we know why Zeeshan Khan is known as the ‘Eco Man of India’.

Zeeshan Khan highlights that recent studies estimate people use 129 billion face masks globally every month, which is three million a minute. Most of them are disposable face masks that are made from plastic micro-fibers, which is definitely a huge concern. Through his organization, Relive Eco Foundation, Zeeshan Khan, and his team have been working relentlessly to identify and promote activities that improve and protect the ecology of planet earth.

He hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, and serves as the CEO of Beyond Smart Group, which is a multi-venture organization aimed at sustainable development. Unlike others who desired to make it huge in their careers, walking their chosen paths, Zeeshan Khan chose the unusual path, and with the aim to do his bit for society, he even dropped out of his MBA course. From working at a call centre to becoming a millionaire today, he has definitely come a long way, thanks to the many bold choices and moves he made and thrived off of his revolutionary visions and mindset to work towards the environment.

So far, this ace environmentalist, serial entrepreneur and angel investor has been recognized with prestigious awards and honours like Madhya Pradesh Ratn in 2018, World Environment Day Hero in 2019, India Leadership Award in 2019, and Swachhata Brand Ambassador of Bhopal in 2020.

People like Zeeshan Khan stand as true examples to the world, who inspire people to do better for the planet and for each other every day. To know more, visit his website, https://zeeshankhan.in/ or follow him on Instagram @ecomanofindia.