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Fitness enthusiast Karan Kapoor represents nation globally

Youngsters spend much time on Social Media, admiring pictures and videos of others. Karan Kapoor realised much earlier that the social media platform can be turned into a meaningful place. He worked to influence the fitness needs of the people on the platform. Within a short span of time, Kapoor is well known as an Instagram fitness influencer and fitness model. 

A positive attitude is indeed what a person requires to achieve their ultimate goals. Karan Kapoor is one such person. He is a certified fitness athlete, nutrition, and supplement specialist from IIFEM (International Institute of Fitness Excellence & Management).

Karan Kapoor has expertise in muscle building, strength building, functional training, and flexibility training. His Instagram handles mekarankapoor may leave you awestruck. It gives a glimpse of hard work Karan pours in his passion.  

This positive attitude of Karan has helped him bag many achievements. Some of them are achieving the top 10 ranks in Mr. Asia, 2019 (NBBUI), top 5 ranks in Mr. North India, 2019-20 (IBBF). He won Mr. UP in 2017, Mr. Punjab in 2020 (IBBF), and 2nd place of Mr. Delhi in 2020 (DBBFA), and many more.

He is also the head member of “Kanpur Young Entrepreneurs”. He is currently working as the official brand ambassador of “6th Element Nutrition, Official Brand Athlete of Flavino Peanut Butter, Official Brand Athlete of Gold’s Gym”.

Karan has collaborated with “Big Muscles Nutrition”, “Kapiva Vegan Protein”, and “Zenith Sports Nutrition”. After the long list of achievements, Karan has set out to share his knowledge and inspire others about the importance of fitness in life. 

Karan through his big fan base and hard work gained the official “Golden Verified” button on the app “Helo” and was given the honor of “Original Fitness Creator”. On India’s one of the most trending apps “Tik Tok”, he had 500k followers. 

Karan has worked as a fitness video creator for “Resso app”, besides “Likee app” as a verified official creator of fitness in India. He is working as a social media influencer and creator for platforms such as “Tring India Official”, “Be There” app and the: MOJ app” also.

He says that the journey has just begun, for he believes that challenges may come on the way but he will cross all hurdles to reach his destination.https://www.instagram.com/mekarankapoor/

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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