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Five brilliant books by contemporary authors that everyone must read during the lockdown

Happily Technically, Ever After! by Namita Das Yet another simple, light, and funny story by Author Namita Das. ‘Happily Technically,…

Five brilliant books by contemporary authors that everyone must read during the lockdown

Happily Technically, Ever After! by Namita Das

Yet another simple, light, and funny story by Author Namita Das. ÂHappily Technically, Ever After! is a hilarious short story sequel, an extension to her debut book ‘It’s Punny Oops, I mean Funny!’. The technicalities of Anu and Mr. Husband and their bickering over mundane stuff is really something to enjoy! ItÂs a trip into the land of married life with its technical loopholes. The witty narration is something to check out.

Namita Das, a software engineer by profession, and a passionate writer, who loves writing humorous stories. Her experience of having lived in the maximum city, Mumbai and worked with corporate bigwigs like Infosys, Accenture and J.P. Morgan Chase explains the cosmopolitan nature of her stories. For her blogs, poetry, and shorties, check out her website

Little Me in Everyone by Eddyee Siingh

If you want to learn and grow in life, start exploring the world inside you and believe in the omnipresent “Genius”.

Every human is born with a “genius”, a guardian spirit allocated at birth. Our whole life is inside our Mind, which is a prism refracting the light of everything around and within us. Caged in this mind is the ‘Little Me’ helping us, talking to us, questioning us, and nurturing us. Even when no one believes in us, the ‘Little Me’ does. The Self, the Ego, and the Pride evolve from and dissolve within a person’s ‘Little Me’. Every time we indulge in self-doubt and self-pity, the ‘Little Me’ loses a little bit of its brilliance but eventually, it thrives on the knowledge we acquire in life and assists us to transform it into wisdom.

Eddyee Siingh, an ardent and zealous entrepreneur, an excellent Mind coach, motivational speaker, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner has embarked on the journey to pen down his thoughts and bring his stories to the world. Eddyee is also an eminent hypnotherapist. He has assisted many people in finding latent potential in them and regaining command over uncertain and fragmented areas of life. His efficiency and effectiveness has helped numerous people turn back to life with full vigor and spirit. His set of dexterity and deftness doesnÂt end here. On top of all these, he is an avid racer who has won many national championships. He has also made invaluable and lucrative contributions to the Motorsports industry in India by organizing, executing, and promoting numerous Motorsports Events across the country. His team is best known for the passion they have for the sport in addition to having hands-on experience in delivering excellence throughout. Eddyee is very passionate about bringing change to society and upliftment of people. He puts his heart and soul into everything possible to support people in the accomplishment of their goals and turning their dreams into reality. Eddyee helps the people by bringing brain and heart together in such a manner that leads to the fulfillment of both their desires as well as intent.

Destined to be Yours by Komal Tayade

Komal Tayade is a young Indian Author and a Podcaster. She is the winner of the Best Author Fiction and Emerging Personality Award 2021 for her novel ÂDestined to be Yours.’ It’s a sweet tale of finding love and defeating the struggles of life. It’s a story of love, lust, betrayal, and the victory of true love Vs destiny with a taste of reality. With a love for fantasy fiction and writing, she decided to pen her own book, and ÂDestined to be Yours is her debut novel which went on to win her the Best Author Fiction. She loves blogging and podcasting in her free time. Her other interests are traveling and reading books. Apart from this, she is super active on social media. She loves talking about Self-Positivity, Self Improvement, and Mental Health Awareness through her live interactions with her audience. Ms. Tayade is currently writing her second novel on women’s health.

Woke Seed – One Race, One Culture, One God by Ka’Ron Gaines

Woke Seed is the story of a boy named Light. He finds himself on an unplanned trip to his Uncle’s house that leads to new friends, new fun, and new ideas. Your young reader can enjoy the colorful pages, an exciting adventure, and the start of enlightened conversations.

Ka’Ron Gaines is a proud father, author, activist, founder of programs, and Creator of businesses. He founded the Grades Is Money School Tour, Stop The Violence Music and Comedy Tour, The More than a Baby Daddy Fresh Start Program, Our Community Cleanup Crew, and Team Southside. He is also a recording artist under the stage name “Mr. One God”. Gaines is the founder and owner of One God Clothing which spreads the message of One Race, One Culture, One God through a fashionable art form. He is a talented actor who has played in multiple independent films, some still in the process of being released.

Phases of COVID-19 by Dr. Priyasi Das

The world is changing every day and people are suffering from this drastic pandemic with their mental and physical strength. This virus is truly taking away our loved ones and creating a barrier of destruction in our life with huge panic attacks and depression. This book contains the truth of this deadly virus which includes several deep thoughts & elaborations regarding proper precautions, symptoms, medications, etc. which portrays Priyasi’s personal experiences regarding the virus. She is an award-winning author, engineer, publisher, honorary doctorate in Literature, model, world record holder, celebrity content creator, founder of Priya’s Wisdom Publisher, and has authored nine books and 48 anthologies.