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Give Wings to your study abroad dreams with AECC

AECC is among the international education consultants with the fastest rate of global expansion. The organisation’s mission is to provide…

Give Wings to your study abroad dreams with AECC

AECC is among the international education consultants with the fastest rate of global expansion. The organisation’s mission is to provide outstanding services to deserving students who are passionate about studying abroad in their dream countries.


Growth is a given!


Since its establishment in 2008, when its first office was set up in Melbourne, Australia, AECC has grown considerably. Offering comprehensive counselling and application management services to aspirant students who are eager to start the process of making their dreams a reality, it has since shown astounding growth while staying true to its core values.


Currently operating in 42 International offices, AECC has expanded its global presence to 15 nations over the course of 14 years. Through these offices, AECC has helped more than 55,000+ students fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. Currently, AECC represents more than 750 international universities in the best-known nations across the world, providing a wide range of study options.


With offices in 19 locations across India, from Punjab to Kerala, AECC’s professionals provide counselling to hundreds of students every day. These students benefit significantly from the thorough information offered and the prompt assistance given to them in their pursuit of studying abroad.


The AECC has consistently assisted the students in finding the educational opportunities that best suit their areas of interest, enabling them to reach their full potential and excel in the courses of their choosing.


Key AECC Highlights


  • The finest aspect about AECC is that most study places have ZERO processing fees.
  • For students wishing to pursue higher education in English-speaking nations, they provide English language competence tutoring for exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.
  • Over 100,000+ courses from top universities across the world are available on AECC’s in-house course search platform.
  • The High Visa Success Rates of AECC are its main selling point.
  • Offers a personalised personality assessment test so students can discover their areas of strength and the courses that would work best for them.
  • Partnered with prestigious universities from well-known nations around the globe, providing students with a wide variety of options!
  • From the time students enter for educational counselling until they get their acceptance letter from the university of their choice and further their study visa.


To shed light on the financial aspects of studying abroad, AECC has worked hard to clarify every student aspirant’s options by providing a wealth of information on a wide range of scholarships available to qualified student candidates. Through this, AECC has dispelled most of their fears and thereby allowed them to concentrate fully on their studies and have a bright future.


The skilled counsellors at AECC actively contact hundreds of students every day through phone or click-to-call, responding to their numerous questions and worries and dispelling their doubts while promising to realise their dreams. The AECC strives to achieve something close to the hearts of every student aspirant in a language that caters to their desires using the latest technology on the one hand and knowing the students’ needs on the other. Every communication is well thought through, and every piece of information given is well-researched. This guarantees that the information provided to them is complete, accurate, and plentiful.


To meet the needs of Generation Z, AECC established itself with every requirement for which a student in the current generation urgently requires solutions. As a result, AECC is at the top of the field of education consultation for studies abroad. The AECC believes and desires to assist every student who wants to go forth and make their ambitions come true and have a bright future, from Australia in the East to Canada in the West.