How Sports Agencies work? Explained by Kavita of FWT Consultancy

We’ve all grown up seeing our mothers bargaining for that extra bit in the supermart. How different are bargains from negotiations is a lesson learnt later in life. The thing with negotiations is that you never know how good (or bad) you are at it, until you’re actually in the middle of it. And when you are into sports, the little misadventure of not having a professional negotiator who’s well aware of the legalities and nuances of the game, might cost you a few millions, for starters. The benefits however, are seen both in the long and short period of time, and in forms more the number on your pay cheque.

Hiring an agent is probably the five-problems-one-solution thing for a sportsperson. This single act adds a shoulder angel that acts as their legal advisor, helps them negotiate contracts, helps grow their network, keeps them in tune with the latest info and represents them whenever the need be. With an agent, or a consultancy, one precisely outsources the ‘thinking’ part for everything beside one’s performance.

Ms. Kavita, co-founder and CEO, at FWT Consultancy have always been known for helping one take the most informed decisions, or taking the call on their behalf, however the case may be.

A lot of keeping up with latest trends goes behind making that one decision on a sportsperson’s behalf. To have this bit sorted, allows an athlete a lot of extra time for what they’re good at, or what they’re supposed to be good at. Upping your game, spending more hours in the gym or giving some time into rehearsing the lines of your commercial is anyday a better pick, than having to read between the lines of a contract.

The universe and its ways are mysterious and might be over-rated. It may, or may not conspire to make things work out for you, however much shiddat you put into it. Chances are manifolds better, to have a sports agency work for you. The one thing working for you, that makes most other things work out in your favour is precisely what it means to put a sports agent into job.

By TIS Staffer
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