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Igor Montemor shares his story on how he became a celebrity influencer

In today’s time, the growth of influencer marketing is phenomenal. Social media has changed its definition and has become a place for minting money and the influencers have been making efficient use of it. Igor Montemor is an emerging name who is the creator of many influencers on social media. The Brazil-born moved to Florida when he was 2 due to his father’s job. He has been working as an influencer marketer since 2011. 

He grew up in Florida but spent most of the time in Miami meeting new people from the different walks of life. That saw the birth of his influencer marketing company. After that, he grew a strong base of influencers and understood the minute details and paid close attention to the twists and turns of social media and understood the factors that make influencers popular on social media.

When asked to share his take on the fast growth of social media, he replied, “In today’s time, social media has no bounds. One can earn millions for a single post, thanks to digital advancement of brand collaborations. There was a time when social media was known only for posting updates and was considered as a chatting platform. But with time, things have changed and soon I feel social media will make every individual self-employed”. 

Moreover, his digital agency Connections Collective which is based in Miami, Floria has top clients like David Beckham’s MLS team Inter Miami CF, Prive Luxury Rentals – a real estate company of Los Angeles among others. A strong believer of sharing knowledge, he is opening doors for many emerging influencers who can bring a positive change on social media.

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