Indian cosmetic tattoo artist and esthetician Tanya Goel broke conventional norms and followed her heart to make her dreams come true!

After years of working hard in the fashion industry and even after getting due recognition ,Tanya  Goel decided to give it a break and followed her heart which led her to permanent -makeup and  esthetics !  

It was back in 2006 ,she recalls when she was just in the 11th standard,she decided that she  wanted to make a career in the field of art and design which was becoming a popular choice  among many girls around .  

Having had graduated from Nift,Bangalore she worked for some big names and labels and later  opened her own label in which she was doing well . But somehow her heart told her that some  other plans were aligned for her .  

The hit of covid severely affected all businesses and startups , and even though it was a tough  one but she finally made the decision to give clothing a break . At that time took up makeup as a  hobby which eventually led her to the PMU and esthetics world .That was the turning point in her  life and there has been no looking back since then .  

Tanya has catered to the top notch elites and sought after whos who .She has worked with 200+  clients till date and has made her name to understand their complex requirements and skin needs  and making them look their best .Her clients always seem ecstatic with their service evident  though the feedbacks and the joy in their faces. She offers microblading , brow enhancing and  correcting permanent makeup of ombré or combination brows,lip tinting or dark lip  correction,scalp micropigmentation,b.b. glow,lash lifting ,bridal and occasion makeup and  styling , as well as many other new services that are being added to her portfolio . 

Miss Tanya claims `You need to have the guts to leave the rat-race and follow your dreams .Do  what your heart tells you to,not other people or the societal pressure.When you work with focus  and a pure heart,things align for you ’.  


By TIS Staffer
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