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Internationally Acclaimed Director David Lee Orr to direct a short film in India

David Lee Orr, who has a passion for filmmaking, finds the Indian cinema audience the real charmer of good content. He has recently announced two short films that will portray modern India.

His films not only will promote the rich diverse culture of India but will also give fresh faces in acting to the Indian cinema. Lee Orr’s larger than life passion for filmmaking can be judged with the fact that despite directing a short film, it will be shot at different locations in Indian including Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

After working with big names from across the world, he is in talks with several biggies from Bollywood for his upcoming ventures in India.

Lee Orr, while talking to media, said, “People in India love cinema and as a director, I would love to serve them the best. I do believe in celebrity starcast but I also believe in the quality script. A good script scribes the success of any film even before its release.”

Apart from direction, he also has a passion for fashion and lifestyle photography. He, in the past, has associated with some of the top photographers of the world.

David Lee Orr also is one of the finest YouTube content providers in the world. He is a brand in the list of YouTubers and other digital video platforms. His videos lure millions and millions of internet-savvy people across the globe.

Speaking on the growing digital content, Lee Orr said, “Internet is the new cinema halls for audiences and that is the reason behind boom in web series and digital channels across the world. In India too, we have seen a remarkable rise in web series and top Bollywood directors and producers are spending their time and money on it. Digital content also give liberty to filmmakers as they can portray what they want to. This frees them from various cinema policies and eventually, moviegoers get some fresh, unique and impeccable content.”

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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