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Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra lists top ways for reimagining guest experience

Khan Chacha

With the hospitality sector bouncing back to normal functions, business owners are acknowledging the renewed need for providing their guests with memorable experiences. A major aspect to this process is to redesign and reimagine the existing services along with introducing some new ones in a bid to ensure that the guests’ demands are met in the best way possible.

We talked to Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra to ask for his suggestions on the ways in which restaurants can effectively reimagine their guest experience. According to the prominent Delhi-based restaurateur and entrepreneur, employing new techniques to identify the guests’ needs has become imperative in the current context. He also listed top three ways in which hospitality business owners can provide better experiences to their customers.

Wondering what they are? Scroll on to know more:

Experience-led meals

Restaurants and cafes can offer a wide array of services in additional to their traditional offerings i.e. the meals. According to Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra, the presence of a sophisticated wine collection, bespoke interiors and curated gardens for outdoor seating have an enormous impact on the overall guest experiences. “Provide your guests with more than just the meal – offer them a sensory experience that stays with them even after they leave your establishment. Such experiences add on to strengthen customer loyalty,” he says.

Technological innovations

Technology-led innovations have become pretty much the norms for almost every sector in the world, and hospitality is no different. From the surge in online ordering and doorstep delivery services to placing dine-in orders through scanning QR codes and keeping tabs on inventory through automation – the impact of technological innovations can now be felt in almost every aspect of restaurant business.

According to Navneet Kalra, investing in the latest tech-based service can add greatly to the reimagining of guest experience. “When customers walk in your restaurant and see all the latest tech in place, it gives them a reassurance regarding the level of safety while they enjoy their favourite meal. Investing in a robust doorstep delivery infrastructure can also help by commanding customer loyalty,” he says.

Being the trendsetter

It is one thing to follow the popular, but being the trendsetter in the industry takes the appeal of your restaurant business to a whole new level. Navneet Kalra believes in choosing the latter, which is exactly what he has recently done at Town Hall with ‘Live Cooking at Home’. The latest offering by Kalra’s restaurant goes beyond food delivery, Japanese food connoisseurs can now enjoy fresh sushi prepared at their very homes. The service is one of its kind, and holds great potential for setting a new trend.

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