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Lipi Khandhar Founder of Know Your Rights Foundation supporting society through creative projects

We at KYR (Know Your Rights) Foundation were born in 2018 with a primary focus on spreading awareness about various government Schemes, Yojanas and Policies. We decided to work in this field after in-depth research about the technicalities of government policies and its actual implementation; understanding various factors and the benefits to the end users. And the major factor that we are focusing on is, awareness about the support provided by the government by introducing innumerable Policies and Yojanas.

After establishing KYR and setting up a team with main focus on our core idea we decided to work on creating awareness about govt polices and its benefit for citizens especially the rural section of society where largest part of Indian population (approx. 68 percent) lives

We decided to focus on rural sector because of lack of awareness in population about the hard work the present government is doing for upliftment of living standards in their area.

We are fortunate to work with present government who are proactively working to help the citizens in various sectors especially in the field of women empowerment and employment for youth, apart from helping new entrepreneurs, farmers, old age/handicapped people.

These policies and yojana both new and old which has been in existence for a long time are better implemented under the Modi Government then it was done in past by others. The present government has ensured that the benefits of all polices reaches its end user and has simplified the understanding and implementation of various government schemes for rural population who were largely ignorant about the hard work government is doing for them.

Prior to 2014 majority of the benefits of central government schemes which were implemented by state governments across country was not given to its beneficiaries directly resulting in lots of corruption and delay but post 2014 the Modi Government introduced its famous Jandhan yojna allowing all citizens to open bank account which facilitated the transfer of benefits directly to the beneficiaries.

The government also introduced a post of computer operators in every village panchayat office who were assigned to help right from filling up the form of beneficiaries to helping them getting benefits directly into their accounts. Every sarpanch got grants directly into the Gram Panchayat Bank accounts from the government to facilitate speedy implantation of schemes at the ground level, this was one big change; in fact, this was the landmark change in “PANCHAYATI RAJ SYSTEM”.

Know Your Rights believe that the primary policy makers of the country and their understanding of ground realities straight away impacts the total effectiveness of public policy making. The entire execution of the same depends entirely on that and by allowing to sarpanch to prioritize the work in their village helps in early execution of projects and disbursal of benefits at the

ground level.

Public policy is an effective tool for any government which adds value in building the social infrastructure of a country. Moreover, it also can be of a great help to people residing in rural India. Whenever a country executes public policies, it automatically adds up the futuristic sustainable development and growth plans. It also indirectly adds value and provides support to all the weaker and under privileged people of the society. The benchmark of futuristic sustainable development goals totally depends on the type of public policies that the government has planned and executed for all without any bias. We had the policies made by respective governments in past too, but its actual grassroot execution started only after 2014.

With all these positive and effective work happening around us we at KYR (Know Your Rights) thought that it is the right time and a social responsibility to become a strong positive bridge between the government and citizens by providing adequate and accurate information and creating awareness about government and its policies.

For effective ground level work and its implantation, the government has given direct decision- making authority to the sarpanches of respective villages for developing the area under them hence, we decided to work with respective authority by organizing small round table meetings and workshops where we discussed about their road map plan for their village development during their 5-year term. This has helped all immensely as discussions in small groups generates new ideas and providers clarity to all about the ongoing work. We are also providing training to all the sarpanches through all the means of communication as per the government directives.


These group discussions organized by KYR with small group of elected representatives across the state has been very effective. It allows us in spreading the awareness about effective governing on a larger scale and has helped us creating a better place for all closely in association with elected sarpanch along with local community leaders. This has helped in creating a user- friendly process which enables the end user getting the benefits at the earliest.

We as KYR are totally focused on empowering the new grassroot leaders, making them aware about all the yojanas offered by the government and spread it to the local community and the village members.

This we feel is the best, most effective and the fastest way to spread the most important awareness in day-to-day life and we named it as “Know Your Rights” a name we believe in.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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