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The delightful Bhadoriya duo from ‘Balveer returns’ gains a huge fan-base

Fresh faces appear on the big screen now and then. Undoubtedly, the most lovable are the young faces that crawl their way into our hearts with their overloading cuteness. Abhay and Aarna Bhadoriya are everything said above and so much more. These boxes full of talent are merely fourteen and ten-years-old, respectively with a huge fan base already. The siblings can be seen playing a brother-sister duo on-screen as well on the popular show ‘Balveer Returns’. Apart from the Indian superhero saga, this adorable duo can also be seen in ‘Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal’, ‘Parmavtaar Shri Krishn’, ‘Mariam Khan Reporting Live’ and many more programs from various genres. 

The kids have a base of 40k+ followers on Instagram and despite their young age, their insta game is very strong. Their comment section is always filled with people crushing over their cuteness and the originality in their shows and on the gram. But they didn’t stop here. The kids went on to create a youtube channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCC8-GatMM-uWI15810eqIpg for their viewers where they continue to entertain them doing absolute impromptu videos. 

The road to such an early success was not as golden as all of this sounds. These little ones have had their fair share of troubles before they came to be known as star kids. Being on the healthier side of the scale never helped them during auditions. In fact, scoring first place used to be a task. But, facing rejection on various occasions at such a tender age never broke their spirit. They always held up bravely and tried harder. 

It is not only the kids but also their parents who have put in equal amounts of efforts for their children’s success. Having decided to move to Mumbai leaving their well-settled jobs back in their hometown wasn’t an easy decision but they chose to look forward to better opportunities for their kids. “We don’t want to leave any stone unturned in the path of our kids’ success. We are in it as much as they are”, say the Bhadoriya parents. Having such a strong backing is unmistakably the reason for such perfect skills the duo showcases, ‘cuz they are groomed in such a beautiful way.  

Ritu Bhadoriya, the mom, says, “I well up with happy tears every time someone mentions to me how striking my kids are and how amazingly they perform on the sets. We have seen them grow through their struggles and emerge the perfect ones they are now.” Overall this duo is a treat to watch. Every time they appear on the screen you are automatically filled with a sense of joy ‘cuz that’s what their vibe is, happy!

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