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Lovy Singh Bhatia Reveals How Being Teased n Life Motivated Him To Become A Fashion Influencer

It takes a lot of courage to achieve your goal without anyone’s backing. Nothing can stop you to chase your dreams if you work hard towards it. Lovy Singh Bhatia achieved his goal on his own and built his own empire and is a popular internet influencer today. His journey to becoming a fashion influencer is really motivating. At the age of 17, he randomly started to post his pictures by getting clicked in the different locations of Delhi. With having good looks and photogenic face, Lovy initially embarked on his blogging journey and within 2 months he touched 10K followers and started getting a lot of offers to collaborate with the brands.

At the start, many people teased him and demotivated him that he would be a failure in his life but their words did not stop him and he achieved his goal. Moreover, it was a bit difficult for him to earn money at the start as he had to pay to the photographer and also bear the travel expenses. However, with time, he started earning good money.  The influencer brought a DSLR camera for him and taught his friend how to click pictures. Today, Bhatia has turned the tables and the people who teased him at one time look up to him and ask him for a shout-out on social media. 

Besides fashion, he is also an influencer and has been associated with more than 200 brands which are based in more than 25 countries like America, Australia, Nigeria, Canada, Dubai etc. Versace, SheIn, Daniel Wellington, Cantabil, PVR Cinemas are some of the top brands the blogger has collaborated with. “There are many naysayers who came my way. I never thought I would become a fashion and Instagram influencer but I had a belief in myself to do something big in life. Self-motivation is the key to get ahead in life and it has helped me achieve where I am today”, said Lovy Singh Bhatia. Very often people have a notion that a blogger’s life is all about shoots, getting free products and earning fame. Talking about it, he said, “As an influencer, I need to invest my time on shoots not get free products from the brand but to create relevant and engaging content for my audience. It is my responsibility to offer genuine content to the audience.

When asked about his life goal, Lovy Singh Bhatia said that he wants to become the top fashion blogger and create great content which would speak for itself and inspire people. Besides this, he also expressed his desire to become a rap artist. Well, we wish him loads of luck for his future works and his journey from being teased by his peers

By TIS Staffer
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