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Manas Adhiya To Play Medical Student In Ekta Kapoor’s Medically Yours

‘All the world’s a stage, and men and women are mere players’ -William Shakespeare. From the tender age of 4…

Manas Adhiya To Play Medical Student In Ekta Kapoor’s Medically Yours

ÂAll the world’s a stage, and men and women are mere players’ -William Shakespeare. From the tender age of 4 where kids are yet to discover the world, Manas Adhiya discovered his and began the journey as an actor. Manas has performed in more than 200 live shows from 1996 to 2000 all over India and International countries, in Padmashree Kalyanji Anandji’s ‘Little Wonders’. He enjoyed acting on stage so much that he was confident that this is what he wants in life.

Manas Adhiya who started screen acting from 2003 and completes 16 years in the industry says, ÂI still do not believe that I have done enough to talk about, let alone brag about it. I believe I am a learner for life. Each and every role I play has helped me grow as an actor and I believe I’m still learningÂ. 

Manas has been challenged with diverse roles, from characters which needed a different & strong accent to expressions like that of a South Indian Iyer, a Punjabi mundda, a Gujrati bhai, a Muslim bhaijaan, a Marathi manoos, a North Indian Pandey ji or of a Christian boy, he did it with all honesty. He has also experienced variations in the plot that demanded, kissing & bed scenes, drunk state, action drama, supernatural powers & death.

Manas says, ÂI have never shied away from the camera. I made sure to try and give my best each time. In my growing up years, people have encouraged me to be what I want to be. I took them very seriously and I said I want to become all of itÂ. Manas has played multiple characters of being a lover, a psycho thirsty for revenge, a geek, an outlaw, a prisoner, a villain with supernatural powers as Owl Man, faked to be his father’s ghost and scared people, and cried his heart out. HeÂs played a handicap, a thief, and a supportive best friend.

Manas adds, ÂIn reel life, I have lost count of how many times I have been a killer. So far, I have killed my daadi, nani, younger brother, uncle, and watchman. I have also committed suicide and been killed thrice, once murdered at a cricket pitch, another by a seventeen-year-old girl and not to forget, also been killed by the beautiful, Mouni Roy, as Naagin. I have bullied, leaked exam papers, taken out dead bodies from graveyard and lakes, jumped from first floor breaking a glass window, had evil owl powers inside me, drove a truck, did ipl betting, used abusive languages, been in a courtroom and jail too”.

“In this wonderful journey of acting, I have got a chance to play sports like cricket, lawn tennis, and football while filming the scenes. I have also worn harness cables to fly and save Karishma Tanna, performed different action scenes that include pulling Vivek Dahiya from falling off the cliff, found pokemon under water, taught sword fighting to none other than Mr. Sunny Deol. I have had the chance to play historical roles where I was one of the close friends of Chandragupta Maurya. Strangely, I have played a range of characters, with the funniest of names, such as Natarajan Subramanium Iyer aka Nutty, Gotya, Zulfi, Pinchu, Ghanghor, Zirfan, Pyaare, Sushu, Pallav and the like”.

“By the grace of God, I’ve been fortunate to work with ace filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Kunal Kohli, Ahmed Khan, Ekta Kapoor, Craig Gillespie, Ronnie Screwvala and Atul Taishete. I wouldn’t say that I am 16 years old in this industry, but I am 16 years younger and hopefully I have a long long way to goÂ, he concludes.

Manas Adhiya will be next seen in Alt BalajiÂs ÂMedically Yourrs , he is quite excited to be working on this project in which he will portray the character of Pallav Pandey, a medical student. The show is set in the backdrop of Kolkata. Medically Yourrs will be streaming from 27th May onwards on Alt Balaji.