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MassDeFi’s Products Pave The Way for Global Defi Adoption

PwC report says there will be an addition of $1.76 trillion to global GDP by 2025 heralded by blockchain where…

MassDeFi’s  Products Pave The Way for Global Defi Adoption

PwC report says there will be an addition of $1.76 trillion to global GDP by 2025 heralded by blockchain where DeFi will have a major role to play. At the time of writing, DeFi has contributed $77.66 billion to the cryptosphere by riding on a 2.7 million investment driven by institutions and hedge-fund owners like dHEDGE investors Framework Ventures, DeFiance Capital, Divergence Ventures but the vision for mass adoption requires the next billion population to enter the DeFi space for a trillion dollar contribution.

The contentious issues nevertheless are obstacles to massive adoption. CeFi and DeFi have different approaches. On one hand where CeFi rides on convenience, DeFi has innovated CeFi products but the convenience part though existent is beyond the scope of general understanding.

MassDeFi, a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol is designed by combining the best of both CeFi and DeFi worlds to bring that understanding in the picture. It will unravel  a revolution to onboard the next billion users in DeFi space by following the path of least resistance.

For that purpose, Mass Defi is unleashing goals of massive mass adoption by building world-in class financial products. The product development cycle has given due diligence to a  user-first approach simplifying onboarding, and engagement in just a click of a button.

MassDeFi on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Resolving High Fee Challenges of Investors/Borrowers Obstructing Adoption

One of the prime concerns of DeFi users are high gas fees paid on Ethereum blockchain. In order to help resolve that, MassDeFi launched on BSC make expenditure lucrative by riding on;


MZero, a product that does not let you miss the upside of your crypto. Buy your utilities mortgaging your crypto but with the advantage of withdrawing them any moment to exploit the market upside.


MBL allows you to deposit your crypto in MassDeFi vault/smart contract and get money directly credited to your bank account in fiat form.

Mass Crypto Loans

Mass Crypto Loan allows you to stake your crypto in MassDeFi vault and get fiat or other crypto in exchange for the crypto you staked/mortgaged.

Credit cards

MassDeFiÂs credit card allows users to use crypto for utility in the real world via crypto credit cards. These credit cards are accepted at POS and e-commerce stores.

Attracting Investors  With 3x to 4x Promise on Their Returns

Mass Stable Yield (MSY)

MassDeFi has provision for stable yields on deposits.  Investors that prefer to avoid risk can pledge their crypto in MassDeFi vault/smart contract for stable returns by investing in stable coins liquidity pools.

Mass Direct Yield (MDY)

MassDeFi by partnering with NEO banks allows investors to have fiat to invest in MassDeFi liquidity pools. The investors get their crypto returns converted directly into fiat which they can withdraw from these partner banks. 

Mass Compound Yield

Mass DeFi algorithmically allocates the vault funds via smart contract to put it in the best liquidity pools with high returns. The investors or stakers can withdraw their funds(Principal + Interest) and invest in other liquidity pools with better returns to enjoy compounding returns. The interests can be harvested/transferred directly to the bank account following MassDeFi NEO bank partnership.


MassDeFiÂs goal is to give maximum convenience that users are getting in CeFi along with high yields that crypto users are getting in DeFi. When convenience, better returns, and automation via technology will simultaneously occur, it will attract the next billion users who have so far considered DeFi to be the technology for the nerds.