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Meet Prathik Jain, a graphic designer who won Limca Book of World Record two times in a row

Can you picture artistic commercials when you think about graphic designing? Websites with attention-getting graphics? Beautifully laid-out spreads in magazines? It is because a designer knows that allowing oneself to make mistakes is part of creativity, knowing which ones to keep is part of the design. Hailing from Karnataka, Prathik Jain, is one such graphic designer who has set many world records with his incredible designing skills. 

Skill is the unified power of experience, intellect, and passion which Prathik has proved by creating a world record of ‘Most Number of Graphical Pictures’ on his Vespa scooter in just 2 hours which became India’s first graphical scooter. 

He travelled approximately 160 kilometres on his scooter from Tumkur to Bangalore for this modification. He was awarded the Limca Book of Records and the High Range Book of Records after completing the makeover.

Talking about interest in designing, he said “I believe that one of the most enjoyable aspects of becoming a graphic designer is being able to create something unique, images that have never been seen before. And the only way to do that is to stop doing what society tells you is fine. There is no such thing as nice. What’s good is what gets the job done.”

Not just he is an expert in designing but has an upper hand in software designing also. In just 12 hrs 51 min, he has developed 36 websites which is a record in itself. Limca Book of Records, High Range Book of Records, Unique World Records, Assist World Records, and Miracle World Records has all recognized Prathik Jain and his team.

Inspiring a lot of people, he tried his hands in business and started his own venture ‘Manueal,’ (www.manueal.com) Indian based men’s grooming company.

“Stop dreaming and start doing if you feel like there’s something you’re meant to be doing and you have a passion for it,” Prathik believes, making him special in his profession.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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