“Mere Thook Mein Jaan Hai” says Jawed Habib, FIR registered

Jawed Habib

Celebrity Hairstylists Jawed Habib is in trouble as an FIR has been lodged against him in Muzaffarnagar’s Mansoorpur Police Station. The First Information Report was lodged against the well-known hairstylist under sections 355 and 504 after Pooja Gupta lodged a complaint. Habib, during a seminar, spat on the hairs of Pooja and the video of the same has gone viral, bringing Habib a lot of criticisms. 

Well-known high-profile hairstylist Jawed Habib is in trouble as an FIR (First Information Report) has been lodged against him in Muzaffarnagar’s Mansoorpur Police Station. The case against him has been lodged under sections 355 and 504 after Pooja Gupta, a lady who was spat on her scalp by Jawed Habib, lodged a complaint against him. The video of the hairstylist spitting on the hairs of the woman has gone viral on all the social media platforms.  Habib is being criticized by the netizens for his move and people are demanding strict actions against the celebrity hairstylist. 

The video that went viral showed Jawed Habib spitting on the scalp of a lady named Puja Gupta. He was attending a seminar in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzzaaffarnafar when the incident occur. After spitting, he was also seen telling those present there that “Mere Thook Mein Jaan Hai” (My saliva has a lot of power). The woman, Pooja Gupta, on whose hair Habib spat during the workshop has recounted the experience on social media. She said “Yesterday, I attended a workshop of Jawed Habib. He invited me to the stage for a haircut. He said if there is no water, you can use saliva. From now onwards, I will go to my street-side barber for a haircut, but will not go to Habib.” She also owns and runs a small beauty parlor.

Taking cognizance of the matter, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has demanded strict against the hairstylists. Rekha Sharma, the Chairperson of NCW wrote a letter to Uttar Pradesh’s Director General of Police (DGP) demanding strong action against Habib.  After much controversy, Jawed Habib has released a video explaining his actions and even apologized. In the video, he said “I just want to say one thing these are professional workshops, as in, they are attended by people from within our profession. When these sessions get very long, we have to make them humorous. What can I say? If you are truly hurt, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me, I am sorry.

Habib has been booked under a plethora of sections that relate to assault or criminal force with intent to dishonor a person. He has also been booked under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

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