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Miss Asia International 2021 – Nishtha Shrivastava

Nishtha Shrivastava

Nishtha Shrivastava was announced as Milestone Miss Asia International 2021 on 20th September 2021 after the 6 days pageant held in Dubai, UAE. There were contestants from more than 40 countries who represented their nations and the crown was brought home by a small-town girl Nishtha Shrivastava who hails from the city of lakes Bhopal, India.

Coming from a middle-class family Nishtha never had planned something this big in her life. Her parents, Mr. RK Shrivastava and Mrs., Manisha Shrivastava are employees of Indian railways and had brought her up with a lot of struggles. Her parents blessed her with every possible talent and were sure that their girl will bring a difference one day, but the stage will be this big was never their dream. Nishtha’s mother says that there were people who dragged her down and challenged her potential but she believed that action speak more than words and so their hardships remain consistent and her mother was sure that she will win the battle. Nishtha represented Indian in the International pageant and became a popular face in between the girls from around the world. She was known for her talent, her nature and her capabilities. Nishtha has gained a lot of popularity in the last 2 years by banging the authors industry by her bestselling novels and now the beauty industry with her bold and confident looks. Nishtha aspires to fulfill her dreams by taking gradual steps in the industry and wants to explore her potentials more.

She completed her schooling from Carmel convent B.H.E.L Bhopal and her graduation from Rajasthan technical university. She has been working with a leading IT Company for more than 5 years now and wishes to accomplish all her childhood dreams now with the recent changes that she has brought in her life. Nishtha aims at molding her aspirations and her parents’ expectations into a new horizon of hope and success and ensures to keep her determination consistent.

She will shortly be announcing her own pageant for her state and would love to help girls from small towns to dream big and live their dreams with no barriers and fly high.

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