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Mohd. Badar Concerned About Huge Losses, Job Insecurity In Event Industry

Mohd. BadarMohd. Badar

The Indian media & entertainment industry, which was worth Rs. 1.82 trillion in 2019 as per FICCI, is staring down the barrel at a loss of Rs. 25,000 crores, Rs. 3000 crores out of which already account for the industry losses during March-April 2020. The lockdown has affected the industry at multiple levels and it has concerned industry experts like Mohd Badar, founder-director of HBN Events Pvt. Ltd.  Expressing worry over this matter, he says, “While the movie business and event management has been put on a back foot, the OTT platforms have gained viewership and revenue both. With that, the stark socio-economic divisions within the country and the different needs of different industries have also come to fore.”

The most affected in the industry, just like elsewhere, are the migrant laborer’s and daily workers. Mohd Badar revealed that in an SOS signal to the Government of India, the Events and Entertainment Management Association has revealed that work has come to an absolute standstill in an industry employing over 60 million people. The association claims that 10 million of its staff has been directly affected and their livelihood is at risk for the near future as well, owing to COVID-19 pandemic. The Association claimed that the effect of Corona outbreak has been unprecedented because all the national as well as local events stood either postponed or cancelled. Experts suggest that the lockdown impact is going to last for months, if not years.

On one hand, shooting for movies has stopped altogether since March 2020, leaving daily wage earners high and dry with nothing but their savings to fall back upon. Even though various organizations like the Production Guild of India, TWICE, CINTAA and numerous superstars have stepped forwards to take care of these workers, the efforts are just not enough keeping in view the sheer volume of the industry.

In case of the event industry, besides the 10 million people employed directly, industry provides employment to more than 50 million people through its affiliate sectors like hospitality, tourism, advertising, food and beverages, etc. In view of the outright cancellations of public as well as private events, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, the lifeline is almost choked now. With the brakes put on everything, everywhere, the industry is not able to pay salaries, either.

Eventually  Mohd Badar says, “While other industries such as the real estate, hospitality, transport, manufacturing, etc have begun to write the new normal in whichever way possible, the events and entertainment industry is still trying to ascertain the losses and ensure that it can cross this threshold of Corona pandemic in one piece.”

Mohd. Badar is a name to reckon with in the field of event and entertainment management for the past 10 years through his association with corporate and private events. He can handle multiple projects simultaneously and take care of the minutest details. Through his ability to manage and motivate, he has been able to build a synchronized team of professionals who help him in his ventures. Badar’s outstanding skills and his team lend magic to a number of projects organized on different scales.

His humanitarian spirit is no less worthy of mentioning. His NGO, the Innovation Welfare Society, works to provide quality education for the children belonging to the poorer sections of the society. Through its multiple programs, his NGO also uplifts downtrodden women.

Besides, he remains very active on the social media too. He uses his Instagram handle, badar.emagination, to give his followers a glimpse into his happening personal and professional lives.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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