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Mr. Omi Gupta – A Niche Clarity Specialist Destined to Shape the World!

Steve Jobs once quoted “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way…

Mr. Omi Gupta – A Niche Clarity Specialist Destined to Shape the World!

Steve Jobs once quoted ÂYour work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.Â

Introducing Mr. Omi Gupta, a Google Top Ranked Niche Clarity Specialist, a TEDx Speaker, Digital Growth Strategist, founder and CEO at Get Digital Office, and a Life Coach who is helping other coaches and start-ups build their respective brands digitally and spike-up their revenue and profits. To sum it up, he truly justifies Steve JobÂs motivation. Mr. Omi Gupta is verily a man who wears a cap ornate with a plethora of feathers while still going out for more. As the founder and the chief executive officer of ÂGet Digital OfficeÂ, a Delhi-based digital Branding and Marketing agency – the company under his able guidance and leadership provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for other companies in competitive areas of branding and marketing.

As a professional, his area of specialization is to discover the micro-niche and the target audience for his clients growth in the digital world. His expertise extends in creating new brands which are highly marketable and of a kenspeckle quality for the target audience in the digital space. Apart from this, he is very adept at managing the existing brands and offering marketing and sales training for the ones who are new in this field area or want to learn more about the different tactics with which one can increase their revenue and the quality of their respective brands-startups for sure! His main focus is to bring the essential, fundamental principles of digital sales-marketing, and new and advanced technological techniques to upgrade businesses and efficiently incorporate them in all the projects he is associated with, both in terms of digital marketing and scaling up their careers through digital platforms. Apart from that, he is very keen on assisting his clients to not only upgrade their businesses but also their lives, being the life coach as he very well professes.

Now, moving on to the other side of his personality, where it’s all about giving back to society. ÂWisdom is not about gaining it all unless one contributes it back for the development of the society he lives inÂ. Considering these words, Mr. Omi is a TEDx speaker, who is also the author of his next book, ÂHow to find your micro-niche and target audienceÂ.  He is a Life Coach and motivator for all those who want to fuel their idea in the ever-storming markets – especially the global digital space. He is an excellent source of inspiration, who acts as a perfect seedbed of ideas, providing the new entrepreneurs the eureka moments of discovering the undiscovered and overcoming their limiting beliefs. By developing modus operandi – a complete road map for success, Mr. Omi helps people discover their values and gain clarity in their lives. He has uplifted several lives and his ÂBe Incredible You” programme for lifeÂs inner changes has enlightened thousands across the globe.

 As far as his educational background is to be of consideration, it is quite interesting to note that Mr. Omi was accepted to IndiaÂs National Institutes of Technology but his primary area of interest has always been communication and public speaking. He was recruited to work for IBM on campus, which was duly accepted. He worked in the IT industry for more than five years, but somewhere deep down he knew his passion was calling for him loudly from within, and thus, he embarked on his journey to pursue a career as a life coach – leaving his corporate employment.

In addition, he produced his first coaching product and assembled his very own digital ecosystem. Thereafter, he started holding webinars, but it was a disappointment as he did not receive the quality feedback and conversations that he had been expectant of. However, after conducting a study, he found that over 95 per-cent of qualified instructors are unable to establish a web presence. As a result, his firm, ÂGet Digital Office, was established in January of 2020 to help achievers achieve. According to his market study, coaching and entrepreneurs should spend their precious time in the sale of products and services in the ever-storming market globally. Mr. Omi believes that at once stepping in the market as a provider of service, he is duty-bound to give quality service to his clients and settle for nothing less than that.

He has been associated with personalities like Vivek Bindra, Suresh Mansharamani, Sagar Sinha, and Afreen Khan. His journey might seem to the readers like a smooth sail but in reality, it has been an absolute roller-coaster ride. A few failures are the solid stepping stones to success, and today he believes in assisting others and giving back to the community. His journey is an inspiration and motivation for all those who want to pursue their dreams. It is never too late to chase after your true passions and fiery dreams.

Mr. Omi Gupta has thus made his very existence notable in society. He has built a digital assistant that is immaculate. Countless entrepreneurs have been able to run their businesses smoothly thanks to his coaching and his agency efforts. He has changed the outlook of the industry and has assisted so many entrepreneurs in easy functioning.