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MTal disappointed over inclusion of stents under price Control Order

“ The Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI) has expressed `surprised and disappointment’ with the decision to include Drug Eluting…

MTal disappointed over inclusion of stents under price Control Order

The Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI) has expressed `surprised and disappointmentâ with the decision to include Drug Eluting Stents under Schedule 1 of Drug Price Control Order, 2013.

The industry has been working closely with the pricing authorities to bring transparency on the pricing issue and arrive at scientific methodology to differentiate among various value-added versions of Drug Eluting Stents. The decision disregards the innovative nature of the medical technology sector which has evolved over the last 20 years globally and is still evolving, a statement issued by MTaI has said.

MTaI is an association of research-based medical technology companies who have made investments by setting up large number of R&D centres and manufacturing plants in India. MTaI represents a wide spectrum of the medical device and equipment industry with global experience in innovation and manufacturing.

MTaI is also deeply concerned with the treatment implications on patients, who may need different and innovative products for their individual and evolving medical needs. Such a decision would not only take away a clinical choice from a physician, to use different products for different patient needs but also take away patientâÂÂs right to choose for their own medical care based on quality and innovation of a product.

Over the last 10 years, medical technology sector in India has been struggling to get a distinct identity with clear definition in Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India. Any decisions like this without resolving the fundamental issue on medical device regulation further complicates the matter for all stakeholders, the statement said.

“In fact, the industry has taken a number of steps to drive access of the advanced medical technologies for a large pool of patients with its voluntarily offer to provide one type of high-quality, FDA approved stent at a CGHS approved rate of Rs. 25,000 to the pricing authorities few months back. In addition, it is partnering with a number of state government reimbursement programs by providing world-class products at the lowest prices. Hence, to enable patient access without compromising patient health and quality of outcomes, we urge the pricing authority to use scientific rationale in the decision making instead of using broad-brush of drug rules on this small yet highly innovative and vital small yet highly innovative and vital life-saving sector. A non-scientific implementation may lead to major obstacles in the natural evolution of this sector and create implementation snags leading to morbidity and mortality traps,âÂÂâ it has said.

MTaI has asked the government to have a holistic view on the decision by involving all the concerned stakeholders i.e. hospitals, physicians, companies in the discussion on price regulations to arrive at a decision which is best for patient health. Also create a vibrant environment for the medical device sector to make innovative therapies accessible to patients and uphold & strengthen the state of healthcare already achieved in the country, it said.

MTaI looks to partner with Government of India in setting a roadmap for growth of medical devices sector by bringing in even bigger investments in this sector, through ‘Make in India and through technology upgradation and dissemination in the provider space.”