One of the youngest digital marketers is doing a remarkable metier; Lakshay Chanana

Everyone has access to technology but only a few make better use of it and those who understand the real meaning of technical world and its work, can easily become the luminary of digital niche. Young minds have the potential to grasp these stuff deftly.

Among so many young and talented digital marketers, we have another name to add on, None other than “Lakshay Chanana”. 

Lakshay Chanana is a 17-year-old proficient digital marketer from Delhi, India. His work is enough to define him best. Having a keen interest in the digital niche, he initially used it in his leisure time but eventually acquired ideal knowledge and decided to work in this niche. So, finally, he came up with his own company named ‘Unicorn Media’, in December 2018. Unicorn Media provides all sorts of services related to digital marketing.

His company has shown phenomenal results till date and had attended more than 100 clients, renowned in their respective niches also he has good working experience with various companies and Bollywood Celebs. He is working really smart to make his company grow faster. Isn’t it sound great! It’s actually amazing.

Thus, from a digital marketer to a founder of Unicorn media he has come a long way and still has to go miles. We wish him and his team all the best for their future goals.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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