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Pinnacle – The most creative brand setting a precedent of innovation and recognizing milestones on a massive scale

In talk with Ms Nidhi Jain Seth, Founder Pinnacle and Positively Perfect 1) Tell us something about your brand? What…

Pinnacle – The most creative brand setting a precedent of innovation and recognizing milestones on a massive scale

In talk with Ms Nidhi Jain Seth, Founder Pinnacle and Positively Perfect

1) Tell us something about your brand? What makes it unique from other brands?

Positively Perfect is a unique gifting online store. The brand, through power of words, motivates people and is emphasising on bringing a change in destinies while giving them courage and making them feel more loved and inspiring them to accomplish the impossible. With the medium of words, our organisation aims to remind people of what they yearn to be reminded of and most importantly, weave words in a way that connects to their souls and encourages them to be the best version of themselves. Positively Perfect was established with a goal to encourage people and make them the best version of themselves through emotional moments which makes them more memorable. Serving people with an extensive range of products meant to stir a vibe.

Pinnacle is a leading brand that recognises the efforts of people and the loyal support of one’s customer, enabling companies across all verticals to laud their people with recognitions and awards. Launched in 2000, Pinnacle is one of the most creative brands setting a precedent of innovation and recognising milestones on a massive scale. Offering a range of exemplary products that inspire one to work more passionately, the brand has built its rapport in the sector as a one-of-its-kind venture. Focusing on design and brewing new themes and ideas for the people of India, Pinnacle crafts exceptionally exquisite awards and gifts for HRs to praise their teams with, the company to appreciate its customers with and the people to uplift their professional spirits with.

2) What are some of the USP’s of your brand? What kind of products/ services do you offer?

All the brands that I have created belong to a niche segment. Even though the main product category may be common, like Awards and Trophies, the kind of products we offer are pretty unique and make us stand apart from the crowd which further makes our customers keep coming back to us. 

We have an exhaustive collection of thoughtful awards based on themes that brands can use for their specific needs. Like we have an entire collection of Awards for Long Service Recognition or our Infinite Possibility Award that is sculpted in the shape of an infinity symbol with a staircase built all around it. We have miniature skating shoes to appreciate people who work at great speed. Well the list is endless.

Even for Positively Perfect, it’s not just another online gift site. We only sell inspirational and devotional gifts. Gifts that help you become a better version of yourself. Our focus is very clear. If it does not encourage you to become a better person or makes you spiritually connected to whatever you believe in, you will not find it in our online store. Even for children under our brand, Epically, we create games that bring them closer to Indian Mythology and Indian Values, so they are not just another set of games to keep them busy. 

3) What inspired you to do what you are doing right now?

When I started a manufacturing company in 2000, my inspiration was that I wanted to create something unique, something different that I could present in the market. Something that would make people happy. Often when you get recognized it’s an emotional moment, and many of these moments serve as lifelong memories. What I create for people in Pinnacle is a part of that precious memory which makes it special and fulfilling for me. 

Positively Perfect, a brand of inspirational and Devotional gifts actually came from my own life experiences when I went through over ten years of illness. What kept my spirits high was the love and support of my family and the inspirational & spiritual books and seminars that I attended. Words and stories are really powerful. They shape the internal dialogue that we have with ourselves constantly, which shapes the quality of our life. This is a relatively new brand, just over two years old. I am just getting started. And the fact that Positively Perfect products can be a part of people’s journey in their most challenging times or their happiest times inspires me to do more. 

But what keeps manufacturing quite honestly is that I can create jobs at the blue-collar level and pay fair wages and all the benefits to them. People outside the industry may not realize how poorly people are paid at the factory level in our industry. I am happy that I can make a difference in the life of my factory people. 

4) Market Expectations post pandemic and future outlook

The market is going through an interesting churn, which has never happened in the Recognition and Gifts industry. Typically changes are driven by external factors: introduction of new technology, a new way of branding, or a new product category gets introduced, and everyone starts to gravitate around it. But right now, along with the external environment, what is changing is the internal mindset of the people. And it is changing at a global level. It’s changing for everyone, both giving awards and gifts and for people receiving them. Companies are now thinking about the entire family and not just about the person part of their company. 

I see more thought going into selecting the gifts and how they will make people feel vs. let’s finish this work. People are more considerate and thoughtful, and generous with what they want to do for team members. It’s like that feeling you get. Don’t worry; we are in it together. Even our client and vendor relationship now exists at an entirely different level. And since this pandemic is not short-lived, the change will also probably get hardwired in us. It will be our new way of living. 

5)Brief about newly launched Epically Ramayana, Epically Mahabharata and Epically Vahana 

Ramayana is created for children above 6 years of age and is packed in a sturdy and compact box, perfect to carry for travel and vacation and comes with a “love it or return it” guarantee.

Epically Mahabharata and Epically Vahana are also very unique in nature and will help the kids become more inquisitive and aware about our mythology besides having loads of fun with them. While Epicallly Vahana is a fun way to introduce the mythological animal kingdom to our children; Epically Mahabharata will take them through one of the most dynamic and complex mythological tales and its stories in the most fun way.

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