Prateek Shukla: An Established Entrepreneur Ruling The IT-Sector With His Brand Name Altorum Leren

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the millions and billions of artistically designed physical devices around the world…

Prateek Shukla: An Established Entrepreneur Ruling The IT-Sector With His Brand Name Altorum Leren

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the millions and billions of artistically designed physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet – all collecting and sharing data. Thanks to the arrival of computer chips and the ubiquity of wireless networks, it’s possible to turn anything, from something as small as a pill to something as big as an aeroplane, into a part of the IoT. And thatÂs what Mr. Prateek Shukla, the Co-founder and CEO of Altorum Leren does.  

Like the Eureka! of Archimedes, Mr. Prateek Shukla came up with the idea of IoT making the life of people around the globe and in various different fields easier and sustainable. Mr. Shukla imagined and embarked upon his journey as young as the age of 18 as a cyber-security professional. He published his top-selling book on cyber security, showing his artistically critical approach at such a tender age.

Like a road not taken, his journey had cliffs and troughs. His career took off from the moment of his admission at Symbiosis. But he quit a year later only to realize that his area of interest lay as one of the young and innovative entrepreneurs that he could be. Hence, decided to move to Bangalore to launch his very first venture – an innovative application for the demands of the housing society and security solutions. Trough – there was to be! And alas! He could not launch the application due to its poor quality, as his partner had slyly betrayed him. He was a novelty in the field, so he had to realize what steps were to be considered before launching a technical product. This realization dawned upon him quickly and landed him up with a partnership with Mr. Sandeep Parira. Mr. Parira shared a similar mindset with Mr. Shukla and this duo uplifted the company into existence in September 2017 and has eventually been taking it to new heights.

To talk a bit about the company, it is the birth place and nurturing ground to more than a magnificent number of 40 full-time resources. 

Mr. PrateekÂs innovative idea, as it came to him after minute observation and research in the IOT ecosystem, was to lead the companies to automate processes and reduce labor costs and he has proved it not just on paper but on ground too. He believes that development through technology can bring out the best and benefit everyone.

Altorum Leren deals in creating products that are bound to give a productivity boost to its consumer.

Some products from the company are: –

AL Â WAM is a software that manages machines, and allocates the assigned skilled people for issues raised by end customers.

Alfinity monitors remote and configures controllers. It consists of AL-WAM and AL- HELPDESK for strong and all overbuilt governance.

AL Â Gateway is an advanced computing gateway. The human machine interface connects the person to the system and devices. This can be used for visual data display to oversee key performance indicators.

Following shall be the usage of the software in various fields and sectors:

The Food and Beverage industry focuses on the quality of the products. Alfinity maps monitor all the processes from raw material to packaging of the products.

The agriculture sector needs high production to fulfill the needs of the increasing population. The clustered infrastructure and on-ground sensors give advantages to the agricultural community at affordable prices.

Smart City platforms will provide different technological advancements like parking management, traffic light management, and waste management. The company can create custom software according to the special needs of the customer.

It takes a lot of effort to create a piece of software and the masterpiece that Mr. Prateek has created is a work of art that has cost him resources but he has proved an approach of technological development and strategic planning behind the design and analysis of the uses of every particular product. If you are looking for software that can monitor and control the activity of your company, Altorum Leren is the best solution to provide you with perfect software services.

To mention specifically, Mr. Prateek has been awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award which shows how he is creating his beautiful path through his own efforts. On the auspicious date of 18th September, 2021, his startup has been audaciously awarded The Best Start-up of The Year (IoT) by TechIndia too.

The company works with dedicated engineering teams, delivering scalable products that users love. They have the motive to accelerate the IoT industry and provide a solution for future challenges. It is a consumer-centric company that keeps details of customer needs and implies them for a result-oriented performance. No one leaves the floor unsatisfied!

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