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Priyah Prakash Pawani wants to make the world a better place for females by helping them

Priyah Prakash Pawani wants to make the world a better place for females by helping them

Priyah Prakash Pawani is trying to make her place in the fashion world even stronger. She won La Femme Worldwide title winner 2019, Mrs. India- Empress of the Nation 2nd Runner up 2018, Face of Malabar Gold & Diamonds in Oman, and representative of local brands in Oman.

Not only this she also does a  lot of work like modeling brands she is also a  designer, makeup artist, short film actor, Emcee for events, and social media influencer.

Born in Chennai,  Tamil Nadu on August 18 and her upbringing were done in UAE, Dubai. Priyah always had whatever she wanted but she wants to make a difference and to be known for her talent and she worked hard for it.

Priyah had appeared in some short films and films like  Asiya – Dubai Film Festival,Naval Enna jewel – Malayalam Movie ( guest appearance), Aayudham Palaghu 2 – Tamil Movie, Psycho – Tamil short film, The Broken Nest – English short film, Face of Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Face of Runway Heist 2020, Face of Magazine cover pages in Oman – Al Mará women magazine, Yusrat al youm, Al Maraá Arabic, featured in Storiyaan, Part of Tring, Celebyte and starHouzz, Face of W Hotels, Marcodemello Jewelry collections, Isabelle's beauty house ( Spanish franchise), etc. She is working consistently day and night and the hard work is paying off well.

She is a fan of Lady Diana and she somehow feels connected to her sayings and follows those. One of her favorite saying of Lady Diana is:

I do things differently, I don't go by the rule book.  I lead from the heart.

This saying always inspired Priyah as she also believes in following her heart.

Priyah is married but it never came in the way of her dreams. Her family supported her at each and step of her.

Priyah mentioned that her family is very supportive,  some people do judge her for leaving her family behind and going out that did hurt her but her family motivated her and encouraged her to keep her focus on her goals and to neglect every other thing acting as a hurdle. She believes her family as her pillar of strength.

She has her goals set: she wants to help the women around the world and to bring them forward. Especially the unprivileged one and to help them grow their small business. She wants women to come at par with men in the world of patriarchy.

Priyah is the kind of person who cherishes each and everyone who helps in her growth directly or indirectly.  She really feels enshrined; it's one of the best things in her profession to meet people of so many different mentalities and knowledge and to take good from it. But everything has two sides. Sometimes people offer things that are not appropriate and one can't accept. She has to maintain her calm and decline politely. She says it's just once ethics and lines that one makes and doesn't want to cross.

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