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Producer Ashish Rudhra can break all records in B-town

Ashish Rudhra

It’s great news for youth that Ashish Rudhra is planning to deliver a lot of new songs. Besides, a song he also wanted to produce a web series. The conversation is going on for the shooting. So his followers are waiting for his declaration about something new.

Most people are known that without any godfather no one gets success in the Bollywood industry. But Ashish Rudhra proves the statement false. His journey has started as a businessman at a very little age. But now he is a successful businessman and producer in B-town. Though he didn’t have too much experience but is well known for the pulse of the young generation. So he makes his songs for youth and these get much popularity.

In 2020, Ashish Rudhra made his new identity as a music producer, besides a businessman. Now he is a popular face in b-town. He opened a record label with his close friend Ayush Sabat named ‘FHigh Music’. It’s getting famous day by day in the Bollywood music industry. FHigh Music gives the chance to the youngsters and newcomers especially Indian rappers.

From the very first day, the record-making company comes into the news for their beautiful songs. Till now the label has released a lot of amazing music. A few days ago, Ashish Rudhra and Ayush Sabat were working with Bella on a new rap song. After releasing the song on their YouTube channel it’s going to be the most desirable song near the youth.

Besides, Facebook and Instagram Ashish got popularity. He has released a heap of outstanding music videos and short films on his channel. After introducing the channel he has got a large number of subscribers and viewers within a few days. He has declared that within a few days he is going to release a web series and a rap song on the online platform. So stay tuned and updated.

Before opening the recording company Ashish didn’t have too much familiarity with the Bollywood music industry. He established himself in this place with a strong positive approach and willing power. Still, now he has worked with a lot of famous faces of the Bollywood music industry. Now he is planning to stretch his hand in this field. He wants to make a career as a successful music producer. He is ready to work with international artists. Besides, producing the music he is also willing to produce web series, movies, and documentaries.

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